Weight Watchers and Bone Broth

If you’re following the Weight Watchers guidelines and committed to not only counting points but seeking lasting, meaningful diet changes, this post is for you! Incorporating whole, real foods into your everyday diet is paramount and will help you maintain a healthy weight for life. And what’s easily the best way to start the shift toward whole foods? Homemade bone broth!

What’s so Wonderful about Bone Broth?

Also called stock, this “liquid gold” is something our grandmas could probably teach us a thing or two about. Satisfying and delicious, bone broth makes savory dishes like soups and stews robust, hearty, and filling.

Health wise, the benefits are far-reaching, not only for weight maintenance but overall health of virtually all body systems. As elaborated by the highly influential Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World by Sally Fallon Morell:

“Today we are witnessing an epidemic of chronic disease that threatens to unhinge our modern world—cancer, arthritis, allergies, digestive problems, mental disorders, and even new types of life-threatening infectious illness. Bone broth, rich in the elements of cartilage, collagen, and healing amino acids, can provide protection from these ailments, can serve as an important element in recovery, and can nourish and enrich our lives in many ways.”

Additionally, here’s a deeper understanding of bone broth and its many facets of health.

Chicken broth weight watchers

Where Do I Buy Bones?

There are several options in ingredients when making broth, including meaty bones, a whole uncooked chicken, or a chicken carcass.

Whole chickens can be purchased through CSAs (community supported agriculture), from local farmers directly, at farmers’ markets, and at many grocery stores, including Costco. Chicken feet are especially high in gelatin and are often given away by farmers after processing day!

Beef bones can be found at butcher shops, through local processors and ranchers, and even at your local grocery store! Ask for “pet bones” or “soup bones.”

How to Make Bone Broth… the Easy Slow Cooker Way

Just about every cook has a subtly different method in making broth. That’s alright! Two of the most significant things to remember are quality of bones, and length of simmer.

Here is my tried-and-true take on easy slow cooker broth:

  1. Start with beef bones, a whole uncooked chicken, or a chicken carcass, preferably grass-fed, organic, and/or pastured. Place in slow cooker.
  2. Add in one roughly chopped onion for a great-tasting broth.
  3. Optional: add in roughly chopped carrots and celery.
  4. Fill the slow cooker with filtered water to an inch below the rim of the crock.
  5. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar.
  6. Turn slow cooker on High to get it simmering, then turn to Low. Cook for 12-24 hours if chicken, 24-48 hours if beef.
  7. Turn off slow cooker. Ladle liquid through a sieve into a large jar. You can keep any meat and discard bones and leftover veggies. After a little while of settling, the light yellow fat will rise to the top; ladle off in a separate small jar for a healthy fat for the next time you saute meat or vegetables.

Mug of homemade broth

How to Use Bone Broth in Everyday Recipes

Now that you’ve made bone broth, now what? Luckily, this is an extremely versatile food, and once you begin incorporating it into recipes, you’ll soon wonder what you ever did without it.

When making soups, stews, chili, and beans, simply add all your ingredients to your pot or slow cooker and fill to this level with homemade broth. Simmer just as you would with water.

If branching out into fish stock, miso soup can be made by heating broth on the stove and adding naturally fermented miso, naturally fermented soy sauce, scallion greens, and shredded cabbage or wakame seaweed.

You can also choose to drink bone broth plain and hot in a mug with a pinch of salt for an extraordinary way to start your morning. Or add a thermos of broth to your lunch-on-the-go to feel more satisfied throughout the day.

You can also “stock up” so to speak, and freeze broth in glass jars or gallon bags for convenience and easy access in times of illness. If using plastic bags, be sure to ladle in while cool to prevent chemicals leaching into the broth.

Bone broth with an egg, either hard boiled or cracked directly into the broth as it simmers, is a wonderfully healing food when recovering from illness, surgery, or childbirth.

Weight Watchers and Bone Broth

Calculating Smartpoints

If you’re currently on Weight Watchers, a beautiful thing about broth is that it is both 0 Smartpoints and a Simply Filling food, meaning you can use it liberally in all your cooking!

I encourage you to throw a few bones or a chicken into the slow cooker this weekend and enjoy the ultimate in healthy food: homemade broth!

Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas

Here are my seven favorite Weight Watchers lunch ideas. These are quick to make and filling too. New to Weight Watchers? To learn more about Weight Watchers and the recent changes, read my review here.
weight watchers lunch ideas

7 Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, you’ve probably heard all the hype about the best way to make it happen. While some of the ideas may work, temptation can end up derailing our efforts. I know that’s what was happening to me.

Tips like “train your brain to fight temptation” and “how to increase your self-control” may work for some, but facing a cafeteria filled with fattening choices, or reaching for a quick food fix, was hard for me to resist. Fortunately, I’m happy to say that I finally found a way around the temptations and it was actually a no-brainer. I came up with healthy and TASTY Weight Watchers lunch ideas. Makes sense, right? Check these out.

Tuna Salad

2 SmartPoints™

Talk about easy – just put Starkist Tuna Deli Style on a bed of lettuce with other veggies. This combo packs a lot of healthy protein and nutrients and best of all – it tastes great.

Protein Shake

2 SmartPoints™

Need Weight Watchers lunch ideas that you can enjoy on the go? Protein shakes are a great choice. My favorite is Premier Protein drink – it’s filling and tastes like dessert -the perfect combo. Protein drinks are handy for people who spend a lot of time in their cars or need a quick hunger beater after working out.

Egg Omelet

2 SmartPoints™

Whip up a delish egg omelet using egg whites (0 smart points for 1). Add 1 oz. of ham and 1 tablespoon of cheese and you have an egg omelet and it’s only 2 smart points!

Cheese Sandwich

2 SmartPoints™

You can make a cheese sandwich using a low-calorie bread like Sara Lee Delightful (only 45 calories per slice) and a low-calorie cheese like Laughing Cow Cheese (1 wedge). This combination makes a filling lunch. 1 slice of Sara Lee Delightful whole wheat bread and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese comes in at only 2 SmartPoints™.

Taco Salad

3 SmartPoints™

This taco recipe was a labor of love as I came up with a version that came in at 3 SmartPoints™ instead of 22., a full day’s allowance. On top of that, it’s amazingly easy to make, taking only 5 minutes to cook! Click here for the recipe.

Trader Joe’s Pork Gyoza with Cauliflower Rice

1 SmartPoint™ per Gyoza

I love, love, love Trader Joes! They always have interesting food options to try out, many that are Weight Watchers friendly. Two of my favorite finds are their pork gyoza and cauliflower rice, bought separately. I don’t know about you, but I love Asian food and the cauliflower rice has 0 SmartPoints™ as opposed to 6 SmartPoints™ for a cup of white rice. Trader Joe’s Pork Gyoza is 1 SmartPoint™ per piece. As Weight Watchers lunch ideas go, this is one of my favorites.

Turkey Meatballs on a Bed of Zucchini

3 SmartPoints™ per Meatball

When it comes to Weight Watchers lunch ideas (great for dinner too) I love Trader Joe’s juicy, plump turkey meatballs – you’ll never want to buy beef versions again! Serve them over a nice bed of zucchini (spiral cut is best), and you have a filling, healthy lunch.

By making some of the Weight Watcher lunch ideas listed here part of your daily routine, you’ll be able to avoid weak moments when temptation hits. By replacing fatting options with wholesome, nutritious, and yes, satisfying foods, I found that I didn’t feel sluggish and enjoyed a more productive, efficient day.

There are so many delicious, weight loss friendly options available. I’d love to hear your Weight Watchers lunch ideas in the comments below.

Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein – Which is Best for You?

Weight loss – a challenge most of us have faced dealing with. ideal protein weight watchersWe’ve all been there; trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein? Weight Watchers vs. 21-day fix? One thing that most of us has come to realize by now is that there’s no quick, one-time fix for losing weight and keeping it off. It can take time, but is achievable with a sustainable, healthy weight loss program and exercise.

In this post, I’m going to talk about Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein, two popular weight loss programs that are worth considering. If you decide that Weight Watchers is right for you, be sure to sign up via Ebates to get the best deal that I’ve found. Here’s my referral link. When you use my referral link I get a small commission, which helps pay to keep this site going. Thank you!

Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein – Which is Best for You?

Weight Watchers

Started 50 years ago, by a group of women who got together to support each other through the weight loss process, Weight Watchers is one of the most successful programs out there. Even after five decades, Weight Watchers still features weekly group sessions. However, they also offer private session and online meetings as well. Thanks to their TV commercials and celebrity endorsements, celebrating their member’s success, just about everyone has heard of Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers uses the Smart Points system which some find easier to follow than calorie counting (including me) and isn’t as restrictive. As long as you stick to the points, you can basically eat what you want with moderation.

What most people also love about the Smart points system is that you can save up points for a special occasion, treating yourself within reason. While initially, the Smart points system can seem to take more time than simply counting calories, once you get used to it, it’s easier.

Also, in contrast to the Ideal Protein system, Weight Watchers doesn’t have a structured, individualized plan. With Weight Watcher’s it’s kind of a “one size fits all” solution. Weight loss can take a while with Weight Watchers because you’re permitted to splurge in moderation, which can slow the process. That said, it’s a weight loss system that is more sustainable than restrictive diets.

Ideal Protein

One of the Ideal Protein’s claims to fame is that it was medically developed, designed to eliminate carbs and lower calories, leading to rapid weight loss, if you follow directions. Dr. Tran Tien Chanh created the Ideal Protein plan 25 years ago. Dr. Chanh believes that the body can’t burn fat if sugar is being consumed. This weight loss program is made of up 4 phases that were designed to help stabilize blood sugar levels and the pancreas.

The Ideal Protein system isn’t just about losing weight, but providing useful information regarding why we gain weight and how to continue living a healthy lifestyle after reaching your goal weight. According to the plan’s marketing, the strategies and knowledge provided by the Ideal Protein system will help people drop unwanted pounds quickly while they develop healthy habits that are sustainable. The program also features certified professionals who administer and monitor members throughout the process. Unfortunately, the program has strict guidelines when it comes to food, a practice that often leads to failure. That said, if you have the willpower to stick to the program, you can lose the weight, but only if you know how (and have the willpower) to keep it off.

I’ve tried most of the weight loss programs you’ve heard about, and I’ve lost weight on some. Unfortunately, I’ve battled keeping it off, in most cases because the plan was so rigid that I couldn’t stick to it. I have found that Weight Watcher’s has worked best for me, mainly because I like the Smart Points system, the welcoming community, online tools and the fact that I don’t need to cut out my favorite foods or starve myself.

Choosing the right weight loss program will require research on your part. We hope that the Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein comparison information provided here helps you decide what approach that provides you with the motivation and determination to drop those pounds for good. As always, be sure to talk to your doctor before starting a weight loss program!