How to Prepare Your Meals for a Week

When it comes to eating, preparation is the key to success. As a matter of fact, a study released by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine indicates that preparing and cooking your meals at home has been linked to healthier dietary habits.Prepare Your Meals for a Week

The best way to start is to plan your weeks worth of meals and snacks around the main dish. You can use the front page of your weekly advertisements to find protein and seasonal vegetables that are on sale, saving yourself money while you’re at it.

Portion Control Made Easy

Make portion control easy by using small, portable containers and jars to pack healthy choices like soups, sandwiches, veggies, nuts, fruits, pretzels and even salads. It’s easy to go overboard, mindlessly chomping away if you leave snacks like nut and pretzels in the big bag that they come in.

By using small containers, you’ll have just enough to enjoy a smart portion for a snack, lunch or dinner. These mini containers are available at Walmart. Save 1% and get a $10 gift card by signing up for Ebates here.

Chop Up Vegetables in Advance

Cut veggies in bulk ahead of time and avoid wasting precious minutes on those always busy weeknights. Firm vegetables like zucchini can last for up to 5 days in the fridge while bell peppers, onions and carrots can last up to a week.

Cut Up Fruit

Cut up fruit for a Healthy, Tasty and Convenient Snack. Keep prepared fruit handy in the refrigerator for wholesome and tasty snacking. Apples are the best and typically are cheap when they’re in season. Apples are one of those fruits that are great by themselves, sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon, dipped in walnut, almond or peanut butter.

If you don’t have one already, invest in an apple slicer/corer. With one swift motion, you can have apple slices in just a few seconds.

Pears are great too, hearty, sweet and full of fiber. Just about any fruit can be cut up ahead of time, it’s just that some last longer than others. To keep your apples and pears from turning brown, just soak them in some lemon juice for about 5 minutes.  The citric acid in the lemon juice prevents oxidization and browning.

Prepare Your Meals

Last but certainly not least, choose recipes that you can make ahead to make things easier for you during the week. In other words, which recipe, if you made it ahead of time, would make being able to eat a healthy breakfast easy?

How about having handy microwaveable unsweetened oatmeal on hand or Greek yogurt, berries and pre-cut fruit? For dinner, usually the most stressful time to have to prepare food and cook, how about having the prepared ingredients ready to make two or three slow cooker recipes? By slow cooking dinner, you’ll have food ready to eat when you get home.

Avoiding the Vending Machine

If you find yourself rushing to the vending machine in the afternoon for an energy fix, skip the candy bar and keep some small containers with almonds, walnuts, cut up veggies or fruit handy. Even a few chocolate covered raisins are better than an entire candy bar.

When you prepare your food in advance, you’ll notice that your days flow better. You’ll feel great having your healthy meals ready for the week in advance.

Using Fitbit to Lose Weight

Using Fitbit to lose weight is an awesome strategy. That is if you use it. Lately, I’ve been cleaning out my craft room making space for a new business adventure and noticed a little black bug peeking out from a container. I went to smash it, but it didn’t move. I swept it into my rag and almost tossed it in the garbage bin before realizing that it was my Fitbit. using fitbit

I had taken my Fitbit off after a rash developed on my wrist and totally forgot about it. I intended to make a necklace for it out of some scraps of fabric but never got around to it. I decided that today was a perfect day.

Making a Fitbit Necklace

using fitbit as a necklaceMaking my Fitbit Necklace was easy. Using a piece of leftover scrap fabric, a piece of cord, a necklace finding and a hot glue gun. It was super easy. Basically, cut a rectangle like a mini sleeping bag and glue together. Then, attach the finding and thread the cord through. Easy as pie. Not sure why it took me so long to do it!

Using Fitbit to Lose Weight

This week I’ve been using Fitbit to lose weight and can already see a remarkable difference in my workouts and eating regimen. I wear it every day and tuck it under my shirt. I use the Fitbit app to track my progress as well as the Weight Watchers app, which incidentally you can hook your Fitbit up to as well.

So far the results are accurate. I’ll need to make something for when I ride my bike since I’m not sure using Fitbit as a necklace will work for that activity. I’ll give a try before I whip out the glue gun.

If you’re ready to use Fitbit to lose weight, the best price that I’ve found is on Ebay. But you can also find great prices on Amazon, Walmart and BestBuy. Especially, if you use Ebates and get the free $10 gift card Click here for the link and support my site.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Fitbit and was not compensated by them for this post. There are affiliate links in this post. Please see FTC disclosure on my About Me page. I only recommend products that I use and love.

Back to School Means Back to You

If your summer weight lost journey grinded to a halt, don’t worry. You’re not alone. With vacations, trips and crazy summer camp schedules, it’s difficult to stay on track. Back to SchoolNow that the kids are headed back to school, it’s time to put some focus on your weight loss efforts. Here are four tips to get you back to you.

1. Pack your lunch when you pack theirs

Pack your lunch the night before and when you pack your kid’s lunches. Not only will it encourage you to prepare for the next day, but you’re likely to make their lunches healthier. Preparation is key to solid weight loss success on any program.

2. Prep after school snacks

Cut up veggies and fruit and put them into containers so both you and kids can grab and go. Having healthy food prewashed and prepared, makes it easy to stick to the Weight Watchers program as fruits and veggies have zero PointsPlus® values.

3. Walk your kids to the bus

I know…it’s embarrassing for them. But, it’s good for you so do it. Walk them to the bus and then keep on walking. In fact, walk yourself to the closest gym and spend the first 30 minutes of the day on you.

4. Put time on the calendar for you

You can’t take care of others, until you take care of yourself. I promise myself 30 minute of me time every morning and then take 60 when I can. That means that I get up before everyone else. I quietly grab my gym clothes, brush my teeth, put up my hair and then peddle my bike to the gym while listening to my favorite podcasts. Once I’m there I spend 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 on strength before peddling back home. If I sleep in that day I’ll still take a walk around the block.

If you want to lose weight, get healthier or just want to take time out for yourself, you have to plan ahead and protect your time. Blocking time on my calendar for myself and getting up earlier than my family works best for me, but I’d love to hear what works for you in the comments below.

Note: I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers and they haven’t reviewed this site for accuracy or suitability. You are encouraged to go to a Weight Watcher’s meeting for actual information about their program. The best deal that I have found with Weigh Watchers or Weight Watchers Canada is by using Ebates. There are affiliate links in this post. Please see FTC disclosure on my About Me page. I only recommend products that I use and love.