6 Snacks that are Low in Weight Watchers Smart Points

It’s hard to find snacks that are low in smart points. 6 low smart points snacksAs a busy mom, I’m always on the hunt for more low smartpoint ready to eat snacks and foods. After all, holding down three jobs and running the kids back and forth to their gazillion activities takes a toll on this gal’s body and energy level. If I’m going to be successful on the new Weight Watchers SmartPoints™ plan, I’d better plan ahead and have things ready to grab when the snack monster in me comes out. If you’re like me, you need convenience then here are some low smartpoints finds that I’ve been testing out this week.

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Werther’s Original = 1-2 Smart Pointswertheroriginalssugarfree

I love Werther’s Originals, so when I found these sugar free ones at my local Dollar Tree, I had to give them a try. I didn’t notice much difference in taste between the sugar free ones and the original versions at first. Then, I ate too many and ended up in the bathroom :(  So, if you’re going to have these stick to just a few. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with the results. The chewy caramels are 4 smart points for 6 pieces, but you might want to stick with just 2 pieces for 3 smart points. The mini hard candies are 1 smart points for 5 pieces. I throw these in my purse for when I’m out and about and need a sweet treat.

Mama Chia Granola (Vanilla flavor) = 4 Smart Points for 1/2 cup

Mama Chia Granola makes a great ready to eat smart point snack. I personally like to add it to yogurt and fruit for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack. You can also pour almond milk in it for a very tasty breakfast, but of course…I love my protein drink. So this bag of granola will have to be tossed into my desk at work for my afternoon snack fix.

 Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers = 4 Smart Points for 16 cookies

I’m a sucker when it comes to cookies. Frosted animal cookies are my favorite, but their smart points values are way too high. I prefer to have 8 unfrosted Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers  for 2 smart points. Mixed in with bananas and a little sugar free vanilla pudding, and you’ve got yourself low smart points bananna pudding! So yummy!


Weight Watchers Chocolate Snack Bars = 2-4 Smart Points Each

Right now you can get a discount on Weight Watchers snack bars. Use code CHOCOLOVE to get select chocolate products 2 for $12. This is probably a Valendtine’s Day promotion. If you get to $75, then shipping is free. Obviously, you’ll want to purchase the $7.95 items because that’s where the savings come in. You’ll save $1.95 off each box. I don’t think you can combine the Ebates discount on this deal. I’m going to grab a few boxes because they don’t go on sale often.

Weight Watchers Chips = 2 Smart Points

I’ll admit, I’m addicted to crunchy chips and snacks. Weight Watchers makes is super easy to stay on plan with their ready to go snack packs. They’re not cheap! But, if you’re looking for quick easy to grab snacks, then you can’t go wrong. I’ve loved every snack I’ve tried from their line.

Weight Watchers Cafe Creations = 0 Smart Points

A lot of my friends rave about the Weight Watchers Cafe Creations. I wonder if you deprive yourself…if everything low smart points starts to taste fantastic? These are pretty decent for zero smart points. You can add it to your coffee, almond milk or yogurt for variety.

What are your favorite low smart point snacks? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

20 SmartPoints Snack Ideas to Keep You On Track

I’ve been looking for SmartPoints snack ideas to help me prepare for week. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve started the Weight Watchers SmartPoints program and so far I’m trending at about 1 pound per week in weight loss.20 Smartpoint snack ideas Not bad considering that I’ve travelled almost every weeks since the start. I find that when I’m travelling, it’s hard to stay on the program because most of my favorite SmartPoints snacks are in my pantry at home.

Since I don’t have any upcoming conferences to attend, I’m hoping that I can stick to the Weight Watchers SmartPoints plan and see some more weight come off. To do that, I need to have a good plan and a pantry full of smart SmartPoints food and snack choices. This way I can grab what I want without much thought. Here’s what I stocked my pantry with this week.

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Zero SmartPoint Snack Ideas

Finding zero SmartPoint snacks isn’t hard if you like fruit and sugar-free jello. The good news is that no sugar added fruit in a can orzero smartpoint snacks cup is also zero SmartPoints according to my Weight Watchers app scanner. I keep these in my desk at work, so I’m not tempted by the goodies in the office.
I often freeze my fruit or make Yonanas  as a special treat at night instead of opting for ice cream. Add a little whip cream and it’s a nice alternative. Frozen fruit is also good by itself. I hear some folks on the Weight Watcher’s boards and community poo poo people for counting Yonanas as zero SmartPoints. The Weight Watchers information that I received said you count them in recipes and smoothies. Well… since technically I’m not mixing or juicing my fruit, I count it as zero Smart Points. Afterall, I didn’t get to the weight I’m at because I eat too much fruit.

One SmartPoint Snack Ideas

I find one SmartPoint snacks harder to find than zero SmartPoint snacks to be honest. one smartpoint snacksMy favorite one SmartPoint snacks include lite whipped topping, PB2 reconstituted with water or right out of the jar, Mini Mallow Bits and Sugar-free Werther’s Orignals. Be careful with the sugar-free candies, though. I found myself with a mega stomach ache after I ate 5 in a row. Ugh. Now I only eat maybe one every other day or so.

I keep a tub of whipped topping in my freezer. At only one Smart point per two tablespoons, it substitutes well for ice cream. Just don’t eat the whole tub!

I didn’t show a picture of my Sara Lee 45 calorie bread because I’m currently out of it. I love it and recommend it as a quick snack, which is why I need to go back to the store and get some!

Two SmartPoints Snack Ideas

Once you start getting into the 2+ SmartPoints snacks, things start to look a little brighter in snack land.two smartpoints snacks My favorites so far are Jacklinks jerky, Sugar-free pudding, Werther’s Originals caramel filled (2 pieces), Non-fat Greek vanilla yogurt (Kroger brand) and Premier Protein.

I’ll admit that Premier Protein is my all time favorite SmartPoints food/drink item because I use it in everything. It makes a great coffee creamer in hot coffee or an iced latte. It also makes a great protein shake right out of the box, or you can blend it with ice and pretend it’s a milkshake.

I keep beef jerky in my purse along with gum in case I’m stranded in a meeting at work and need something to tide me over until lunch or dinner. It’s the perfect portable snack with the exception of its sodium content. Drink plenty of water to get that salt out of your system and don’t eat too many pieces.

Three SmartPoints Snack Ideas

Once you get into the three SmartPoints snack category you see things like chips and candy appear.three smartpoints snacks I like flat pretzels with a little bit of cream cheese on them as well as the Veggie Pop Chips. The sugar-free oatmeal from Walmart helps satisfy a sweet tooth as well as the unsweetened applesauce and sugar-free Red Vines. Again, you want to be careful with too much artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. They can affect your stomach as well as give you headaches. I know this through experience…gross…ouch.

Chobani Simply 100 yogurt makes a great frozen yogurt treat. I throw mine in the freezer and then let it slightly defrost before I dig in. I’m sucker for whipped topping so of course it goes on top.

More SmartPoints Snack Ideas

Obviously, the higher the SmartPoint values your willing to spend, the greater your selection. Here are a smartpoints snack ideasfew of my favorite snacks that are greater than three SmartPoints.

  • Think Thin Protein Bites (6 SmartPoints) – These little chocolate pieces are not exactly like candy, but they’re still good! You can have eight pieces for six SmartPoints. I usually have one for One SmartPoint.
  • Whole Cashews (5 SmartPoints)- I’ll admit, I was shocked when I saw that I could have 23 cashews for five SmartPoints. I was expecting the SmartPoints value to be much higher.
  • Fiber one 90 Calorie Brownies (4 SmartPoints) – My old Points Plus favorite got a bump in SmartPoints coming in at four SmartPoints per brownie. That’s still better than the restaurant brand and I don’t even have to look at my Weight Watcher’s app to tell you that.
  • Lower Sugar Oatmeal  (4 SmartPoints) – Although I prefer my sugar-free oatmeal for only three SmartPoints, I’ll occasionally get the lower sugar oatmeal for the kids. When it’s my only option, I eat it. It helps curb my sweet tooth and keeps me full for a few hours.

The key to being successful on the Weight Watchers SmartPoints program is having low SmartPoints food and snacks ready to go. What snacks do you recommend? I’d love to hear your comments below.

Please note that this post contains affiliate and referral links. If you click on them and buy something I will make a small comission that might pay for my next protein drink! You know how much I love Premier protein drinks, so thank you for your support of my blog.

5 Low SmartPoints™ Foods and Recipes

My first week on the new Weight Watchers SmartPoints™ plan went great! I said goodbye to four pounds…yay!

smartpoints weightloss

If you’re on the new Weight Watchers SmartPoints™ plan and want a buddy to come along side you during your journey, you can connect with me on your Weight Watchers app as @onebadasslife. You can also find me on Facebook where I tend to post updates on yummy foods that have low smart points. I don’t have a ton of time so I try to find things that are easy to put together and make a great snack or meal.

This week I’m sharing my favorite low smart point finds that helped me lose weight this week. Oh and by the way…if you’re thinking about joining Weight Watchers this week, you can use my Ebates referral link to get the best deal. You get $8 cash back + $10 gift card +what ever the going special is for Weight Watchers. If anyone finds a better deal…please let me know! I’m always on the hunt for great deals! In the mean time, here are my top 10 favorite smart point foods and recipes:

Premier Protein Drink – 2 SmartPoints™

smartpoints premier proteinI couldn’t believe that my favorite breakfast drink is only two SmartPoints™ when I scanned it in my Weight Watchers app. You should’ve seen my happy dance! Not only does it make a quick breakfast, but it also replaced my coffee creamer. Yup…my old favorite uses up two SmartPoints™ per tablespoon and I just couldn’t justify using four SmartPoints™ for coffee in the morning. So I switched to chocolate and vanilla Premier Protein Drink.

Even if I use ½ the carton my drink is still only one smart point! Give it a try – it’s worth the switch. Plus you get 30g of protein in each carton. You can get it at your grocery store or online. I buy mine from SamsClub and Walmart. Oh…and if you have Walmart grocery, you can get $10 free by using my referral link.

Starkist Tuna Deli Style – 2 SmartPoints™

I love this Tuna pouch so much that I wrote Startkist to tell them never to discontinue it! smartpoints tunaI don’t do this often, but when I find something that’s amazing, I can’t help myself. My family loves this and I love that I can eat it right out of the pouch without any prep! It’s fast and easy.

The best price that I’ve found on this is .97 each from Walmart. I’ll typically order online and pick up because sometimes it’s out of stock in the store. This tuna on opchips or 45 calorie Sara Lee bread (1 smart point per slice) makes a filling meal or snack.

Sara Lee Delightful 45 Calorie Bread – 1 SmartPoints™

smartpoints breadI found this one smart point bread at Sams Club. It comes in a two-pack for under $5. The jalapeno cheese wedge from Laughing Cow makes this a yummy low smart point breakfast or afternoon snack. I’ve also made tuna melts with it by adding Starkist Deli Tuna and 1 Tbsp of cheese. Another favorite of mine includes 1Tbsp of peanut butter topped with bananas. So good!

Egg Whites – 0 – 1 SmartPoints™

smartpoints eggEgg Whites are 0 smart points for 1 or 1 smart points for 3. I cook them for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner! When I add 1 oz of ham and 1 Tbsp of cheese, I get a low smart point meal for only 2 smart points!

DelMonte No Sugar Added Fruit – 0 SmartPoints™

smartpoints pearsI found these at my local Dollar Tree, but I’m sure you can find them at the grocery store. My Dollar Tree had no sugar pears and mangos and both flavors are pretty good especially for zero smart points!

What are your favorite low smart points recipes, foods or snacks? Let me know in the comments below!