Weight Watchers Smart Points Review and 2016 Program Changes

Weight Watchers 2016 Program Changes include new point calculations called SmartPoints and FitPoints. Say goodbye to PointsPlus and Activity Points, the new program calculates them differently. weight watchers smart points smartpointsToday I start my journey using the SmartPoints program and I’ll share what I’ve learned as we go.  After much research and review of the new materials, I’ve created this Weight Watchers Smart Points Review and 2016 program changes update:

Note: If you already know you want the new program click my referral link here to get a $10 giftcard, the Weight Watchers promotion (sometimes $20-$100 in incentives) and $5 back from Ebates. I love getting money back for things I’m already going to buy! Plus, the 3-month online program currently has no startup cost (until March 2016) so it cost me only $59.85 for 3 months or about $4.60 per week. Not a bad deal considering each meeting costs me $12 to attend. I don’t have time for meetings so online should be a great lower-cost alternative!

What are Weight Watcher Smart Points?

Instead of Points or Plus Points, you’ll start counting SmartPoints. Smart Points are intended to get you to eat more filling foods and less empty calories, similar to the Simply Filling option they’ve had in the past. I’m adding more ideas for SmartPoints snacks and recipes to my blog as I continue in this journey and you can find them here.

Calculating SmartPoints Values: SmartPoints are calculated based on calories, protein, sugars and saturated fat. No more counting total fat, fiber and carbs. Point are calculated with calories and decrease as you ad protein and increase as you add saturated fat and sugars.

Weekly SmartPoints Allocation: You’ll start with at least 30 SmartPoints out the gate, so if you were eating less PlusPoints, you’ll get more! The 49 weekly points are gone and you’ll get extra depending on the results of your assessment. 

Protein: Protein without much fat yields low point values. In fact, lean meats are often 1-2 points less per serving than they were on the PointsPlus program. This is great for turkey, tuna and chicken breast lovers.

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruts and Veggies are still zero SmartPoints, which is awesome. Calories in recipes still count, but they’re not counted in the SmartPoints value. However, if you’re having juice or a smoothie, you’ll need to add those points. Weight Watchers wants you to eat the good stuff in the fruit. Not just drink it.

Sugar and sweets: You’ll get hit hard when it comes to snaking on this program. Most sweets are a few points more per serving on the new program. This is why I’ll be successful on this program when I stick to it. The freedom to eat anything is great, but I always falter at sugar.

Smart Points Review

I personally think that if you find a system that works for you, you should stick with it. Companies like Weight Watchers change all of the time because that’s how they make money. Let’s face it, if they continued to stay with the Points program, there wouldn’t be any excitement or reason to re-up your membership or purchase a whole new set of cookbooks just because the SmartPoints aren’t included in the previous versions.

Weight Watchers exists to make money for its shareholders and they do it by changing the program and saying it’s the most significant change in 50 years! Next year it will be the most significant change in 51 years.

I’ll give Weight Watchers SmartPoints the thumbs up, mostly because it’s focused on the right things: healthy, filling foods combined with exercise. This hasn’t changed in years and won’t change until more science demonstrates that it doesn’t, which will cripple the industry; so don’t hold your breath.

I like variety, so I’ll continue with the SmartPoints program until I get bored and need to switch it up. Every year, like most people, I feel energized to take hold of my weight loss efforts and start January off with a bang. The SmartPoints program will give me the variety I need to start the year off great! As I see the weight decrease, I’ll be even more engergized. The challenge for me has always been March and October. If I can get past those months this year, then I’m set for at least a 25lb lost this year—which is my goal for 2016.

Weight Watchers got a much needed promotional boost as Oprah Winfrey purchased a 10% stake in the company and is now promoting it throughout her network. The company hasn’t grown much in the past few years despite multiple new offerings including personal coaching and online chat functionality introduced in 2015. I can’t wait to see how this program works for Weight Watcher members.

Are you going to try the new Weight Watchers SmartPoints program? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Update – There are a few comments about finding an app that has the old Plus Points program on it.  To find an app for the old weight watchers program, you can search on your phone…but the easiest way is to search on Appcrawlr. I searched for old weight watchers app and got these results.  So if you’re going back to the old program try searching for a sample app and then locate the name of the program on your Android, Windows or iPhone device. I hope this helps!

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91 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Smart Points Review and 2016 Program Changes

  1. Thank you for doing a review of the new Weight Watchers, I’m considering joining the online plan for at least 3 months to see if it will work for me and your review was very helpful!

  2. August 30 2014 started weight watcher
    loss 38 lbs on point plus program
    Started the new program smart point.
    3 rd week loss only 8 oz not happy

    • Great weightloss Ron! give it another week or two and see how it goes. I always give things a few weeks to see if other things are effecting my weight loss. If I can’t move the needle in a few weeks…then I switch things up. Maybe you could go back to the old program. I would just snag a points plus calculator from a reseller on ebay and do what works 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,
      You have to go through an assessment now to get your revised smartpoints number. It’s part of the registration process. If you’re already a member, they are doing this in the meetings. If you’re online..you’ll get your new number when your week refreshes!

  3. I just signed up for WW through my insurance company which is offering 6 months of free WW to subscribers. I chose the online version but am really wishing I would have chosen the meetings version because I think it would be easier for me to grasp the program and stick to it. I am looking forward to giving it my all over the next 6 months, can’t wait to see how it goes.

    • Congrats Nicole! Sounds like you have a great insurance program! I wish I could get that deal 🙂 Good luck and connect with me through the app. I’m @onebadasslife. Good luck – you’ll do great!

  4. I would utilize your ebates and use you as a referral. It will not allow me to select the online option for Weoght Watchers. I was curious of you know anything about why that would be. I am not willing to do the more expensive options because they are not doable financially. Thank you.

    • I’m not sure, but don’t worry about using my referral link. It’s more important for you to focus on you! The online option should be an option when you get to the Weight Watcher’s site. If not, go ahead and call them to find out why you can’t select it in your area. You got this! Again…no worries about the referral 🙂

  5. Lost sixty pounds on points plus two years ago and haved managed to keep it off. Find the new smartpoints books are missing a lot of places . It seems a little to find stuff on the new points. Thanks Lois

    • Thanks for the comment Lois! I love using the Weight Watchers app, but your right…going out to eat is a challenge and they don’t have all of them listed 🙁 Just do your best to guesstimate when you don’t have the exact counts.For example… I at a waffle at Roscos Chicken and Waffles and used an IHOP waffle for smart points calculations. It’s not 100% accurate, but as long as the scale goes in the right direction it’s all good!

  6. I am finding this new plan to be very difficult as well. I lost over 60 lbs. using the Points Plus system. I just started with the Smart Points and it is SO HARD for me to find any snacks. In fact everything seems to be worth a lot of points.This article helped me to understand why the new points are calculated the way they are, but it is little consolation to me. The worst thing for me with this new plan is the FRUSTRATION! I am having a terrible time finding things to eat, especially if I am trying to have a meal.

    Although, I understand they are trying to make a plan to help us eat better, this new plan is very unforgiving. For a sweet treat for dessert I used to have an Italian Ice for 2 points, but with the Smart Points it is now 5. I also got in trouble because I bought 20+ Lean Cuisines, without knowing they still had the old Point Plus values on them. With the Smart Points they are, on average, 2-3 more points!

    To be honest I am finding this system hard, frustrating, and depressing. I have only been doing this new system for about a week, so I am going to give it some time. I will try to stick with it for at least a month, but I will try for two. Maybe it will get easier as I become more accustomed to it. I am glad though to read that I am not the only one having trouble with this new system and preferred the old one. 🙂

    • I don’t know what kind of snacks you are referring to, but I found that sugar free Jello pudding and the small Vitalicious bars are still 2 points and satisfy my need for chocolate. Good luck.

      • Yes! I love the sugar free jello pudding snacks or even the Hunt’s snacks. They’re only 2 Smart Points and are great as pudding pops as well. Great suggestion!

      • You are definitely giving me hope however, i lost 90lbs on points plus and zero in 2 months on smart points im not doing something right im truly thinking about quitting i hate to leave it but i dont wanna pay when i already was at my goal and me not being consistent i fell off but getting back on with this new smart points is not working out as I intended but im going to try one more month and then if i cant get the results to start moving i am going to have to consider qutting for awhile

      • My problem other hat is I can’t eat diet due to an allergy to artificial sweeteners even stevie etc affect me so I agree. I used to have a single small pice of chocolate like the hersey minis for 2 points to and now really don’t want to give the point to to it. But the craving is still there and I’m worried that will sabotage me

        • Don’t let it sabotage you – you are in control of what you eat. Try finding things to do that are more fun than eating chocolate, like walking, reading, scrapbooking, or Bible Journaling. You can do this!

    • Jessica – you’re totally right. It does take some adjusting and can be somewhat frustrating. I’ve been on it for a few weeks so far and have had great success when I don’t fall of the wagon – ha! I do fall quite often, but I dust myself off and get back on! I’ll create a post for you this week that has more snack ideas 🙂

    • I agree Jessica, I’m struggling to lose weight on smart points. I love my milk and was disappointed that 250ml of skim milk is now 4 points. I fall off the wagon now and again because I am craving things like sweets which I can’t have because I’ve used my points up.

    • I am a lifetime member and have been very successful on WW in the past. I agree that the new plan is impossible. Sugar is 3X what it used to be and oil is basically double. Bread is out of the question. My 1 point coffee is now 4. I starved on it for a week finding myself about 2 lbs UP!! I called WW and got a full refund on my 3 month membership. I’ll wait for the next big thing from WW and try again then.

  7. I am starting the new program today. I’ve lost weight before on WW and for me it is the best program. I’m anxious to see how the new program works.

    • Good luck Pam! It does take some discipline, but I have found that when I stick to the program…I do lose weight. I’m not perfect and I mess up a lot, but I keep on trying too!

  8. Thanks for not publishing my email. I have been a ww member off and on for the 40 years. I am 64 year old male, who has work the program somewhat religiously for the last year. I have lost, as of the last meeting, 1/22/16, 134#. I consider myself a bit of an expert on the old program, the new program well it is an ongoing challenge. I have put down what ww is saying and my opinion based solely on my experience.

    They say: “beyond the scales, I say: Although they seem to claiming the new program is not about the scale, but the new program is followed, will I feel increase the speed of your weight loss, thats the good news. The unsure or bad news is that program does make many of feel deprived certain snack and foods that have a major part of our meal program not feel prohibitive because of the high point change my have increase by 40% even their own foods especially their dessert items. Feeling deprived might prevent people from reaching their long term goals. I think if they think the nutritional science is correct they they are well aware that this is about the scale in order to compete with other programs and make the new ww feel more like a diet plan rather then a long term life plan.

    They say: Their continued technical problems are “small glitzs” I say: My experience has been very frustrating they have problems since the roll out on a weekly basis. In the beginning, you were unable to save favorites, not only that, a mojority of my favorites disappeared, the once that were save had some of the portion size changed like from 4 oz to 1 oz if you were unaware of the change, which I was and went over my points multiple times, the program was working against you rather then for. My biggest complaint was when you contact ww through the chat line they acted as though I was only one with the problem, they would ask you multiple question to supposedly help you solve your problem not theirs, knowing all long it was a system wide failure. Yesterday, once again, they had a problem with members/customers having their daily and weekly point allotment changed for no reason. Once again it took me almost 5 hours and contact with 9 different support people for them to admit, once again, that it was a system wide failure.

    The above 2 statements are really negative I know, but I am sticking with them, I am not recommending the program until I do it for at lest the next 6 months. I suspect I will adjust and it will work for me just fine, my concern is for others since at this point the program, as some other reviews have state has a sense of “depriving” one of certain foods that may help with long term success. If you want to discuss further I would happy to do so.

      • Jake – Congrats on your amazing weight loss! I have about 20 more to go until I hit my planned goal. I think your comments are totally valid. Low smartpoint snacks are so hard to find on the new plan so I’m trying to find as many as I can to share with other people trying to lose weight on the new plan. I find the new plan harder to stick with. Some days I’m perfect on it and other days not so much. In the end, I’m in it for the long run so when I fail I just keep trying. I tell others to go back to the old plan and get an older calculator if it works for them. I often switich things up because I get bored so fast! You’ve done such a great job and I hope you continue to do what works for you. Well done my friend!

  9. This new program is so FRUSTRATING and I feel I no longer have the choices I had previously. To enter cal, fat, sat fat, sugars, carbs, protein, fiber, Really? The beauty of using the app on my phone was being able to track easily as I travel for work. Where am I going to get all those specs? Most foods I can count are More points so I find I am hungry and finding my choices much more limited. The beauty of WW has always been I can eat what I want as long as I count it. Counting helps to keep me in check by making better choices. After being a HUGE Weight Watchers fan for over 30 years, this is the first time I do not feel supportive of the program. I want to go back to the points plus program.

    • Janet – if you get an old manual calculator or an older (non-Weight Watchers) app, you probably can use it to track the old plus points. Do what works for you and forget following plans that don’t work for your individual needs. Good luck!

  10. I’m feeling frustrated. I’ve been using WW off and on for many years. I finally just committed to the program a year ago and lost 50 lbs. I have always been a huge advocate for WW and work to inform people that it’s really the best program out there. I really feel paralyzed in finding new things to eat with the new smart points. They are ultimately pushing you towards Paleo or Atkins. On top of that I have a very busy life. I work full time, have an hour commute each way and have 3 kids who all play two sports at a time. Having to re-figure out all the points to everything and input additional info really adds up to time I don’t have. I used Pinterest like a bible because all the work had been done for me but now it’s useless. I wish they would go back.

    • Tanya…they can’t go back because they need to make $$$ and sell more products and memberships. This new plan is totally like Atkins. It would be nice if they would continue support for the older plans…but alas…they don’t 🙁 I’m trying to compile more ready to go smartpoint food ideas for my readers so please keep en eye out for them. I have two posts up and am working on the third. My kids are competitive dancers – so I can totally relate to needing to grab and go. Good luck girl! You’ve got this!!!!

  11. I love to eat, and I eat outside many times a week, my lifestyle don’t let me eat homefood all the time, and healthy food is very expensive when you eat in a restaurant in this country, WW was the only diet or life plan that fits my necessities and the only plan that worked for me, I was eating much better I didn’t feel anxious or fatigued I lost 45 pounds. But now the magic gone, this new program is the same as the other diets I tried for years in the past, and in my case their weren’t good result. I suggest that WW leave you the option to try the program that best fits you .

    • I agree with you Ingrid. If the new program doesn’t work…there’s nothing wrong with going back to the one that works for you! Congrats on your 45 lb weight loss. That’s something to celebrate!

  12. Thanks for the overview. I tried to sign up for the online program but after 3 days on the phone with numerous people they couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t log in. Sooooo….they cancelled my account & told me maybe I could try later. I live 1 1/2 hours ftom a meeting. So I’ve ordered the new calculator and plan to do it on my own.

  13. Lost around 80 pounds on Points Plus. The new Smart points…don’t like it at all. I wish WW would make the App so that you can choose one or the other….its as simple as that.
    Here are my Beefs
    1. The Restaurant dining out guide is horrible. I eat out a lot and there are very very few options in my local area that support Smart Points….IE: I cant find the smart points for many local restaurants. In addition web sites like Dotties Weight Loss used to have all the Points Plus for local eateries… but they are taking for ever to build a new database for Smart Points. The Dining Out guide WW sells is a joke..ots of Fast Food Places…which are inherently bad on this program ANYWAY !!!
    2. There is a huge emphasis on protein…I’m a vegetarian…The program appears to emphasize a Atkins style outlook…..Not going back to eating meat
    3. If it aint broke…don’t fix it…the system allowed you to indulge a little under Points Plus…I don’t get that feeling with Smart Points.

    Until WW fixs this I am not going back…very very disappointed in WW for this

    • Congratulations on losing 80 lbs! That’s amazing! Yes – I did notice that there is a huge emphasis on Atkins. But the good news is that most veggies are still zero points. That’s great for those of us who like them. Don’t lose heart John. Stay with the Points Plus program if it works for you. There are calculators and non-weight watchers apps that can help. Good luck!

    • After losing 80 lbs werent you already educated in what u could eat and wouldnt need ww to follow it? My mom has been on the new program for 2 months and was showing me how it works. She said she already knows all the stuff she should be eating and probably wont pay long term for the program. She has lost 14lbs so far, yeah! Can you offer some insight to why you can’t just do what you were doing?

  14. Honestly, here is my issue. I was doing so well on Points Plus on line. I want to keep the program that works for me and the one I am paying for. Where is MY say on what I want to keep that works for me? Now I am yet again forced, if I want to stay with WW, to change my plan I have been so used to. It is bad enough if you have a weight program and you finally find a plan that works for you, and then the company changes it on you and you have NO say. I am quitting because of the change, I do not like it. I loved my points plus and Oprah stay out of it, your bread eating ad is a joke.

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  16. I am with the people on here who are negative against the Smartpoints program. I lost close to 75 lbs on the old, I find that I am struggling with the new program – I hate it. I quit the meeting program and joined the online – I’m seriously quitting that since I am not happy at all.
    I’ve tried the recipe builder – it’s a joke – after close to three months they should have the bugs worked out. You can’t use a food that WW hasn’t entered in your recipe. I am trying to develop a recipe for a higher protein English muffin using higher protein grains as the points seem to be lower on higher protein breads. (example – I get a high protein whole wheat pita in my area that’s regular size and is only 3 point, similar sized pitas without the extra protein are 5) I have entered all the different flours in my foods builder, but can’t access them on the recipe builder. I didn’t have a problem before. Their on-line chat help – I contacted them today and they insisted I could pull up the products I’d entered for my recipe, so I left the chat feeling that it wasn’t much help and tried again. Copied and pasted my exact spelling of my item – not accessible through the recipe builder, only in my foods.
    Oprah’s stupid commercial that she eats bread – yeah, she can well afford to use the weight watchers breads or have her breads made for her. Most people on the program don’t have unlimited funds.
    If I wanted an Atkins-like diet, I’d join Atkins. The points plus program was great. I’ll likely quit WW shortly and switch back to the old PP on my own, I have all the books, the calculators etc – I refuse to start shelling out hundreds of dollars to replace what I already purchased.

    • I kept thinking the same thing as you. If I had wanted to do Atkins, I would have. Instead I just spent $109 for a coach to tell me to eat high protein and low carbs. I am very disappointed in WW.

  17. I did weight watchers in my 20s and lost what I wanted to loose. Since then I have gained back 50 lbs in 10 years. I love the new plan. As someone that loves to cook, I love all the recipe options. My first week I lost 8.3 lbs and didn’t feel like I gave up anything, I just exercised moderation. My second week I lost another 4 lbs. For me this program is perfect. It gives me the the freedom I love as well as the motivation to cook nothing but delicious meals for everyone around me! 10 thumbs up!

    • Love hearing that new program works for you! I’ve lost weight on it as well. It’s not easy, especially the high points for sugary items. But…I shouldn’t be eating as much of those anyway! Good luck to you!

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  19. Love your blog! Count me in as another disappointed WW member who is frustrated with the new smart points program. I’ve just cancelled my membership because its not working for me. If I wanted to do Atkins I would. I’m going to take your advice and go back to points plus. I had lost 16 lbs on it and only have six more to go to get back to lifetime. Since trying the new program I’ve gained 3 back.

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  21. I loved Momentum. It worked well for me for a few months. I was losing weight on it until WW switched it to Points Plus a few months later. I hated Points Plus. I lost nothing on it and gave up on WW for a few years.

    I am so glad they got rid of PP and that WW has realized that sugar is a leading cause of obesity. It’s a diet. You shouldn’t be eating candy, cookies and cake. Kudos to WW for assigning a lot of points to those foods. It was a very smart move and I commend them for it. Not only are you learning how much to eat, but what to eat. Bravo.

    • Cookies and cake are my downfalls! As I build up the habit of not eating as much sugary foods, I’m sure I’ll see the weight drop faster. The points values are so high that I try not to eat them too! Good luck to you Bill!

  22. Lost weight on PointsPlus program – but do not like the points increase on SmartPoints. It appears things like FiberOne bars, 90 calories, previously 2 points are now double and have 4 points – are only increased to force people to buy WW brand food, which many 90 – 100 calorie items still have 2 points. My vitamins even have 2 points under the SmartPoints. I’m a member, but not for long.

  23. When do the smart points change? I’ve been on WW a little over a month. I’m down 13 pounds but I’m still on 30 smart points. How much weight do I have to lose before points change?

    • Smart points are calculated based on age, gender, height and weight. Since your height doesn’t change that much, then your SPs will change when you get older and when you lose weight. You need to log your weight on your weigh-in day once a week and if you’ve lost enough for their calculation to trigger a reduction in points…it will go down. Good luck!

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  25. I thought I would check to see if anyone else was reporting losing weight much slower since the WW revamp. Last spring I joined WW for 3 months and reached my goal and shed 18 pounds. The first couple of weeks were quite successful, inspiring me to continue and meet my goal. I was never hungry and ate better than I did without WW. The new system not so much – even with exercise. I am very disappointed. Perhaps the reduced points for fish, chicken, tuna, etc??

    • Kerry – I can report that my weight loss has been much, much slower. Closer to .5 lbs per week, but alas…I am not perfect on the plan. I use all of my points and sometimes even use my fit and weekly extras.

  26. Loved the points plus. Lost weight. Hate smart points. Starving. Can’t eat my comfort foods and still lose like before on points plus. More points on smart points but less extra for the week plus foods increase in points. Not sure how long I’ll be with this.

    • Smart Points have been very difficult for those who have lost weight on the Points Plus. If this new plan doesn’t work, why not go back to the old one? Grab an old calculator off ebay so you have the ability to track points. There may be a few free apps that still have the old program calculation. Good luck Tonya!

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  28. I hate the SmartPoints. I keep reading comments from others who can do it a few days then fall off the wagon. Where’s the accomplishment in that? In my case, there isn’t. One of the favorite adages I used in the past was: ” If you kinda do the program, it kinda works.” I don’t want a program I can only kinda do. Whether I used my 28 PP each day or did Simply Filling with 7 extra points per day, I lost weight, felt great and was happy. Now I end up binging at the end of the day because I’m so frustrated. I found a link that calculates points plus and I’m going back to that program on my own. I’m sure if you can stick on the SmartPoints plan you’ll do great, but it’s not for me.

    • You should totally do what works for you! I hear you though…the new program looks oddly like an Atkins plan to me. I’m keeping with it despite very, very, very slow weight loss. I’m not perfect at all on this program, but I keep trying. Some people are having amazing success with the new program. It’s important to find a program that works for you whether it’s weight watchers smart points, weight watchers plus points, 21 day fix, atkins, or something else. Best of luck to you!

  29. I have to say that I don’t like the new program either. I lost 10 pds. within a month last summer. I ate well and was never hungry. I loved to get the weight watchers ice cream bars, they were great for dessert. Now, am very disappointed in them. The raspberry ice cream dipped in chocolate was only 2 points, now they are 4 points and they only have half of the dipped chocolate on them. The weight watchers triple choc. brownie bliss were 2 points now they are 4 points. I use to have them for a quick snake on the road. I hate the new changes and find it very hard to keep with in my points now. I noticed as well the last few weeks that the grocery stores are taking out the ice cream bars and that they are getting harder to find. Sounds to me like weight watchers is hurting there own business. I quit for about 8 months and was looking forward to starting back up again, but have been very trouble by the new point system. I eat less and I too get hungry at night and find myself going through the cupboards. You say find an old app. really, that is not as easy as it sound. Sometimes change is bad and you lose good people and that is really sad….

    • I totally understand Cindy. For the record, I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any way. My goal is to help others who struggle with weight loss by sharing my research and journey. My suggestion to find an old app is to help people who want to stay on the point plus program. To find an app for the old weight watchers program, you can search on your phone…but the easiest way is to search here Appcrawlr. I searched for old weight watchers app and got some results: http://appcrawlr.com/ios-apps/best-apps-old-weight-watchers
      Try searching there for a sample app and then locate the name of the program on your Android, Windows or iPhone device. I hope this helps!

  30. I was on the points plus last year and lost 33 pounds…I like my sweets so it worked well for me. I am a WW life time member and most of their programs came to about one point per 50 calories….not true for the new program this year. A 100 calorie candy bar came out to 5 points!!!!! I really dislike this new program. I probably will still use the points plus system because in my opinion it was much better….I think people will get discouraged when sweets take up so many of their points.

    • I feel the same way. I’m glad you found that the points plus program works for you and that you’re sticking to something that works! That’s the goal. Keep up the good work Sharon!

    • I agree as a past user of the old sppoints sytsem, this new smart points just makes me realise it is not for me. It’s ridiculous when the old sytsem worked and now everything seems 3 or 4 points more for the same thing. Got me defeated on week 2 I’m afraid. Doubt I will renew my subscriptions.

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  32. Thanks for the review and the comments. Weight Watchers has been about the only thing that has worked for me in the past (besides Atkins, which I will never do again). It sounds like people are having a tough time with the new Smart Points, though.

    If you don’t like Smart Points, then everything you need to do the old plan for free is available online.

    Recently I read Eat to Live, which advocates a mostly vegan diet. It was a bit extreme for me, though, since I still want to be able to eat lean meats as protein and enjoy eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.. I also want to limit sugar but still have some freedom to have some every once in awhile. I think their new plan makes sense if you want to be _healthy_. Research backs up that saturated fat and sugar are both bad, so they should hit hard in the points area so that you are encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables. The best advice from Eat to Live: The salad is the main dish. One pound of leafy greens a day (basically a bag of 3 romaine hearts). One pound of vegetables (an entire bag of frozen veggies). 4 servings of fruits. One cup of beans. That’s a lot of food for very few points if most fruits and vegetables are still free (I don’t even think I could eat that much food in one day!), and that should leave you points for your snack of choice. The point is that none of us are even close to eating as many fruits and vegetables as we should. If you’re lacking points, fill up on them instead so that you can splurge here and there on the foods that give you pleasure. Easier said than done–I know!

    Good luck on your journeys!

  33. I have used weight watchers of some sorts once the late 2980’s I reached goal. But wasn’t able to maintain my favorite program was th exchange program we were allowed so many exchanges of protein, fat milk got etc. it was mostly like a fiBrtic exchange diet. Ut it taught me how to eat; such as don’t eat a potato and. Read the same meal. I remember that peanut butter counted as a fat and a protein. I wish I could find those books Zi called headquarters but. No luck
    I still follow the principles of the diet. It I desperately. Red to lose weight. As you know it’s not about knowing but more applying the knowledge.
    Othe best part was ” bank g for a time you wanted to splurge.
    But when the points plus program I eould only lost 1/4 pound a week sometimes. It that and I was hungry all the time.
    I do like the group support but would love to find an overeaters anonymousmeeting close by.
    Thanks for letting me share!!!

  34. Hello,
    I joined Weight Watchers in June 2016 before Smart Points was announced. November 2016 for Thanksgiving, I had the dessert what I wanted without going overboard and without the guilt, BUT with the Smart Points, having sugary foods is a killer in points. I’ve lost 58 lbs so far, but it seems that with all my effort and tracking, eating my 30 daily points, exercising and sometimes eat half the weekly points, I’m up and down. Since March, I lost 15 lbs, which is not a reasonable amount of loss, especially that I try to move more. Also as far as the APP, I discovered that if I manually add the certain bread I eat, the points is less than if I do a search. I just complained ab0ut the inconsistency to Weight Watchers. This can cause a gain if the points are not calculated correctly. I’m thinking that Weight Watchers may have not informed members properly. Also, the 30 daily points NEVER go down, which is odd. In the past as you lost weight, your daily points would decrease and weight loss would be steady and more consistent. I also complained to Weight Watchers about this and they said it’s all scientifically studied, but I wonder how many people and at what age groups did they do the study on. I’m not going to quit, but I still feel that it’s frustrating with the gains for no reason.

    • The new program has been harder for me, but I keep on trying. Lately I’ve been adding more whole foods and trying to axe out all of the chemicals. I can’t speak for WW, but I believe they put effort behind their programs, but they don’t work for everyone.

  35. I think I’m joining weight watchers at next meeting in my area. I to am Leary of the new program. I reached my goal at the beginning on the points plus when it came out several years ago but continued on the older program a was accustom to, so I never really used the points plus program. I’m a senior who can to a lot of excersise because of fibromyalgia and arthritis and I’m really wondering if I can lose weight on the newest program. I also wonder if I need all the bells and whistles sold to do the orogram

    • If you like the older program, I would stick with what works for you. If you want to try the new program out…it’s not too much to start and see if it works. If it doesn’t go back to what you’re used to. Best of luck!

  36. Its lie you read my thoughts! You applear to grasp so much approcimately this, like you wrote the e-book in it oor something.
    I think that you can do with some percnt to power tthe message house a little bit, but instead of that, this iis wondeeful blog.
    A great read. I will definitely be back.

  37. You are definitely giving me hope however, i lost 90lbs on points plus and zero in 2 months on smart points im not doing something right im truly thinking about quitting i hate to leave it but i dont wanna pay when i already was at my goal and me not being consistent i fell off but getting back on with this new smart points is not working out as I intended but im going to try one more month and then if i cant get the results to start moving i am going to have to consider qutting for awhile