Weight Watchers Smart Points Options

There are many Weight Watchers Smart Points Options to consider as you continue on your weight loss journey.Weight Watchers Smart Points Options Currently, there are three different program options offered directly from Weight Watchers. The best deal can be found through Ebates, so be sure to click my referral link here to get a $10 gift card and $10 back in rebates through 5/30/16. That’s $20 plus whatever deal Weight Watchers is running (currently the promotion is to join for free).

Once you decide which option works for you, you can use the plan alongside your current nutritional plan. From the “eat anything in moderation” mindset to the “cave man Paleo” plan. Any nutrition plan can work with Weight Watchers.   If you need additional structure beyond the standard Weight Watchers Smart Points Options, read on.

Weight Watchers Smart Points Options

There are three Weight Watchers Smart Points Options. You can choose from online only, meetings plus online, and coaching plus online. Every Smart Points option comes with the online plan. The plans start at under $4 per week and go up to $11.50 per week depending on your location. I had the personal coaching plan for quite some time, but downgraded as I found I was using the service less. Currently, I’m on the online-only option because it works well with my busy schedule.

Smart Points and Paleo

The Paleo plan works fabulously as one of the many Weight Watchers Smart Points options. It’s use of vegetables; fruits and lean meats are the perfect combination of foods to ensure you don’t go over on your Smart Points allotment. Be careful with the following approved Paleo foods: fresh juices, butters, coconut sugars, nuts, oils, chocolate, dried fruit, and alcohol.

Smart Points and Atkins

The low-carb Atkins plan will also work well as a Smart Points option. The only problem is that it limits the types of fruit and vegetables. The bars will also get you on Smart Points values. Favor lean meats and vegetables if you’re planning on incorporating an Atkins plan along side your Weight Watchers plan.

Smart Points and Clean Eating

There are a number of Weight Watchers followers that incorporate clean eating into their plan. Clean eating is basically eating food as close to its natural state as possible. This means that you’re reducing the quantity of processed foods that you eat and are likely to eat more fruits and vegetables, lean meats and complex carbohydrates. It’s definitely a win when it comes to Smart Points.

Smart Points Options and Other Plans

If you’re already set on a specific nutritional plan, you can still use Weight Watchers. I’ve personally done the 21-day fix plan alongside the Weight Watcher’s program. It helps me vary my meals and exercise if I switch it up. In other words, I don’t get bored and am always challenged. I’m the kind of gal who thrives on setting goals and achieving them.

Any plan with high amounts of vegetables and fruit (and less of the other food categories) that aren’t blended into a smoothie will work well on the Smart Points plan. Low-fat programs won’t work since sugar is often used to make the food taste better. You take a huge hit in Smart Points anytime you eat processed sugar. It’s not forbidden; nothing is really forbidden on the plan, but you pay the price in points.

The Best Option

The best option is the plan that works for you. I’m moving more towards clean eating these days as I need a bit more structure in my plan. The “everything in moderation” never has worked well for me. Without structure and planning, I pretty much eat everything that’s processed and yummy if it’s readily available.

People ask me why I stay on Weight Watchers if I incorporate other plans. Again, it’s the structure. But, I also like the community and the convenience of asking a personal coach if I have a question. As I get better and better at nutrition, I’ll likely be fine on my own, but may stay with Weight Watchers for the community aspect of it.

Next month, I’ll continue my clean eating journey with a nutrition coach. I’ll be working with Dee McCaffrey, the author of The Science of Skinny and Processed Free America. As I learn more and more about better nutrition, I’ll be happy to share it with you. This will be a tough challenge, but I’m confident it’s the right move for me.

I’d love to know if you combine other nutrition plans with your Weight Watchers plan. What Weight Watchers Smart Points options have worked for you?

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