Weight Watchers Online Review

As much as I love the Weight Watchers Personal Coaching program,Weight  Watchers Online Review I needed to cut some expenses this month, so I reduced my subscription to the Online Plus program. I reviewed the personal coaching program in this post, but this post is my weight watchers online review specifically for the Online Plus program.

Cost of Weight Watchers Online

Reducing my plan from the Personal Coaching program to the Online Plus program reduced my monthly subscription charge to 19.95 per month from $54.95. In fact, Weight Watchers was generous enough to refund $54.95 because I hadn’t finished my personal coaching month prior to downgrading. I didn’t even have to ask.

As always, I try to find the best deal for everything that I buy. For the Weight Watchers Online program, I believe the best deal can be had through a trifecta of rebates with no need to use a coupon code. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ebates – $5 Weight Watchers Program rebate + $10 gift card if you’re new to Ebates.
  • Discover Card – 1% rebate (If you have DiscoverIt, you can call them to have them double your cash back for a year. It’s a special promotion that pays out double after twelve months so your rebate would be 2%).
  • Weight Watchers Online – $29.95 off the four-month plan no coupon code needed (making it $17.46 per month for four months)
  • Total discount = $5 (Ebates) + $.69 (Discover) + $29.95 = $35.64 discount or more depending on if you’re new to Ebates or not.

Weight Watchers Online

With the Weight Watchers Online Plus program you get:

  • Online access to video tutorials and inspiration, including the master plan video series.
  • 24/7 chat support, which provides help when you need it, coaching, motivation and inspiration.
  • The Points Plus program® to follow and track your food and activity
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Community boards for support; and
  • The ability to track your progress using your activity device like the FitBit

Weight Watchers Online Chat

On my first day, I chatted with an online coach to get motivated to track. I hate tracking. Especially after 3PM. I follow the program to the tee up until the chocolate cravings start, then I go to the admin’s snack drawer and grab one of those mini Hershey chocolate bars. The miniature size, not the snack size. I eat one; then I go back for about three more! I get so mad that I decide not to track for the rest of the day, and you know what that means, a huge stall on my weight loss journey.

After chatting with the online coach for 17 minutes, she informed me that the point value of my daily and encouraged me to track them. She didn’t demand that I track them, but instead asked questions to motivate me for example:

  • Tracking is an important key to your plan. Would you be willing to begin tracking now?
  • Do you know what the points value is for your serving of the chocolate that you crave at 3 pm?
  • What if you tracked six points every day for those five mini bars?
  • When you track these bars, do you think you’d feel better about the rest of the time after 3 pm?

I appreciated that she asked me questions so that I would come to my own conclusion. It would’ve been easy to tell me to track them, but that wouldn’t have motivated me. After the chat, I closed the window and proceeded to track my food.

Weight Watchers Online Review

Ultimately, I prefer to use the Personal Coaching program to get the additional coaching phone calls. The biggest downfall of the Online Plus program is that I miss my personal coach. Lisa is amazing and helped me stay accountable. I miss our weekly chats.

However, if you’re on a budget and still want support, the Weight Watchers Online Plus program is a great alternative. The coaches that I’ve interacted with have been fantastic and have motivated me to continue the plan. For the price, you just can’t beat it!

I haven’t been disappointed with anyone that I’ve chatted with so far. If you end up chatting with someone that you don’t like, I would suggest immediately ending the chat and starting a new one with another coach. Each coach is different. I hope you get one that motivates you.

Are you on the Weight Watchers Online program? If so, I’d love to hear from you on Facebook or in the comments below.

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