Weight Watchers Discount for Seniors

The best Weight Watchers discount for seniors may be through your insurance carrier, but if not, I have found the best discount through Ebates. Yes, I know. I talk about Ebates more than the average dieter, but that’s because I love to save money. If you use my affiliate link, it doesn’t cost you more and you save so much!

Weight Watchers Discount for Seniors – Trifecta of Discounts

What I’m looking for a discount I always try to apply a coupon code, with a credit card, and a rebate. If I can get a hold of her rewards program as well, I’ll also try to incorporate that. I call this strategy the trifecta of discounts because you have at least three places to receive money back for a discount on every purchase that you make. That is the best way to spend less and save more. That is why I use a company like eBates.

For example, if you’re new eBates you get a $10 gift card. When you use their site and purchase Weight Watchers using their link, you get the five dollar cash back rebate plus any special offers that Weight Watchers is providing on their website. So you don’t miss out on any of their monthly special offers. Then, you can also use a rebate credit card to receive a certain percentage back based on the terms of the card.

If you use this strategy, not only do you get the $10 credit card gift card but you also get five dollars, the percentage back on your credit card, as well as any current discount. You really can’t beat that! But you can try. Here are some other ideas for Weight Watcher discount for Seniors.

Weight Watchers Discount for Seniors – Insurance Carriers

Weight Watchers Discounts for SeniorsOutside of the website I listed above, there are other ways to get Weight Watchers discounts for seniors. One way is to ask your insurance carrier. Some Insurance carriers like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, or United Healthcare may have a discount available on weight watchers if you ask. The best thing to do is call their customer service number and ask them what your plan includes.

Obviously, the ability to apply an insurance discount to your Weight Watchers meetings fee depends on both the practice of your insurance company and your Weight Watchers meetings location. You have to check with both! If your insurance carrier offers discounts, you’ll need to check with your local Weight Watchers staff to find out if they will accept the discount at your location.

Weight Watcher’s staff are not required to identify or share options for senior discounts. It’s your responsibility to identify the discount that’s offered by your insurance plan and present your insurance card when you register.

Weight Watchers Discount for Seniors – Senior Memberships

Another option is to ask senior citizen membership sites like AARP and others to see if they have a discount. Currently, AARP does not offer a Weight Watchers discount for seniors. There isn’t one listed in their member benefits section of their website. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask.

When it comes to Weight Watchers discounts for seniors, the best thing that you can do is ask. What’s the worse thing that can happen? I’ll tell you. They’ll say no. Then you have a choice to pay full price or use a discount strategy like the one mentioned above.

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