Weight Watchers Bread and other Options – Including Smart Points

It used to be that eating bread was a huge “No-No” if you were trying to lose weight – unfortunately, most of us loveWeight Watchers Bread it. The reality is that if you choose light whole grain options, you can have your Weight Watchers bread and eat it too.

There are several Weight Watcher’s friendly breads, hot dog, and hamburger buns brands available today and you’ll be able to find a variety in your local grocery store. Since the supermarket bread aisles are usually overflowing with options, read the packaging carefully before you buy. To make it easier, here are some healthy weight watchers bread choices:

Harvest (1 SmartPoint)

Light 100% whole wheat

45 Calories & Delightful (1 SmartPoint)

100% whole wheat

100% multigrain

100% whole wheat with honey

Sara Lee 80 Calories & Delightful (1 SmartPoint)

Wheat hamburger bun

Wheat hot dog bun

Wonder Bread (1 SmartPoint)

Light wheat

100% Whole wheat

Country Kitchen Light (1 SmartPoint)



Holsum (1 SmartPoint)

Light wheat

Holsum Lite’r 35 (1 SmartPoint)



D’Italiano (1 SmartPoint)

Sliced Light Italian bread

Healthy Life Light (1 SmartPoint)

Wheat hot dog bun

Light white hot dog bun

Remember to always check your app to make sure you’re calculating the right values. Sometimes nutritional values change.

Food for Thought

Selecting healthy bread isn’t just about whole grains – it’s important to take protein, fat, fiber and carbs into account as well. Light whole grain breads can be low calorie and still provide enough fiber to keep you feeling satisfied, making them great Weight Watchers bread option. A single slice of several 100% whole-wheat bread options you’ll find at the grocery store is usually 2 SmartPoints. If you use the “light” varieties, you can enjoy two slices for the same point value.

Reading the Label

Always read the label and stay clear of breads with predominantly list enriched “white flour,” “white flour” or “wheat flour.” All three terms indicate that the grain has been refined, meaning that it has been stripped of its nutrients, fiber-rich bran and germ.

If you and the family aren’t into the taste of whole grain breads, try the lighter grain alternatives that have a milder taste. Just make sure that you’re buying a lighter version made of whole white wheat, not whole wheat made using refined flour with virtually no nutritional value. If you prefer organic breads (ingredients grown without herbicides, pesticides, etc.), it might be a little challenging to find as many choices at the grocery store, but it is possible. Eating organic breads won’t make much of a difference nutritionally, but you may avoid chemicals – which is always good!

Consider Substituting Vegetables for Bread

If bread is getting in the way of your healthy eating plan, swap in vegetables! Nutrient dense, low-calorie veggies can make surprisingly good bread substitutes, including lettuce (romaine is a great choice), zucchini, cucumber, eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, and Portobello mushrooms and they would be zero points! For a sweet twist, thinly slice an apple and use it as bread for a refreshing mini sandwich.

What Happened to the 1Point Weight Watchers Bread?

I’m not sure, but it’s no longer available at my stores. I suspect it’s much higher in SmartPoints than Points Plus – so it probably didn’t sell well.

What kind of bread do you eat on the Weight Watcher’s plan? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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