Take a Break: It May Just Save Your Life

Today’s post is about remembering to take a break and prioritize your family and friends.Take a break In the middle of all of life’s hustle and bustle it’s important to make time to just be in the moment, and to remember why you work so hard.

This weekend I took a day off and headed to Tucson for an impromptu family reunion. I spend the day hanging out with family members that I haven’t seen in years. I reacquainted myself with them and their new additions. I had a bit too much to eat, learned more than I probably needed to know about life, and spent the day not thinking about anything except family. At the end of the day, I packed up and headed back home refreshed and satisfied with time well spent.

Take a Break

You don’t have to take an entire day off if you don’t want to. You can take a break in increments. Spend 15 minutes reading to your kids before they go to bed. Take 5 minutes to handwrite a letter (seems like nobody does this anymore).  Take 10 minutes to snuggle with your spouse or better yet walk around the block together. When you take a break, this 30 minutes just might be what saves your relationships, makes an impact on a loved one, or even saves your life.

Save Your Life

According to the Center for Disease Control, breaks can help lower stress, accidents, soreness, musculoskeletal disorders, and eyestrain. They are also linked to having a smaller waistline, lower body mass index (BMI), and lower triglyceride levels. In other words, take a break and save your life!

If you don’t take time out to enjoy today, then what’s the point?  Work will be here tomorrow, but if you don’t take time to be with the ones you love today…it might be too late when you finally “get around to it”.  Enjoy life now, remember to take breaks, and live one badass life.

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