How to Stick to the Weight Watchers Plan while on Vacation

This year I won an award at my company and they sent me to Cancun, Mexico for a five-day vacation. While I was excited about the trip, I was pretty panicked about trying to stay on the Weight Watchers plan while vacationing, especially since the resort was all-inclusive. Yup, free food and drinks all day long. Everywhere. Even room service was free.weight watchers vacation

Over the course of five days I enjoyed my time in Cancun and followed the Simply Filling list as close as I could. Ultimately, when I stepped on the scale to weigh in I had only gained two pounds, which I attribute to water weight since they came back off in two days.

If you’re headed out the door, ready to enjoy your next vacation I hope the tips below help you stay on track.

Set Reasonable Goals

Before I left to party paradise, I met with my Weight Watchers personal coach to create a reasonable strategy for this vacation. I don’t go on vacation too often and have never been to an all-inclusive resort, so it was important to me that I live it up during this trip. We came up with four goals for the week:

  1. Incorporate daily activity.
  2. Choose seafood as the main entrée and vegetables first.
  3. Have a dessert using my 49 weekly points allotment after I’ve consumed my healthy meal.
  4. Have fun and be OK with a small gain.

These goals were reasonable and still allowed me to have fun. I left without feeling the pressure to stick with tracking everything.

Carry Water Everywhere

I never left my room or the resort property without at least two bottles of water. That way I knew I had clean drinking water while on excursions and wouldn’t be tempted by all of the free alcohol at the resort. But, I won’t lie. I did have a few drinks here and there. By the way, Tequila shots are 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus®.

Incorporate Activity

Each day I incorporated some type of activity into my routine. Here’s what I did:

  • Monday: Travel day and check-in at the resort. My activity included tons of walking in the airport and on the beach.
  • Tuesday: Kayaking, walking and snorkeling
  • Wednesday: Excursion to Chichen Itza, lots of walking and cliff diving at Cenote Ik’Kil in Yucatan. The platform is actually much closer to the water than in the video, but still scary for this Gen Xer.
  • Thursday: Shopping at Playa del Carmen. Can’t come home without souvenirs for the kids. That’ was about 4 hours of walking. Then we danced the night away.
  • Friday: Travel day and tons of walking.

Relax and Have Fun on Vacation

Being OK with a slight gain really took the pressure off of this trip for me. Did I stay on plan and within my 49 weekly points? Absolutely not. But, I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

Don’t let the program stop you from having fun. Incorporate lots of activity and see the sights. Try to stick to the Simply Filling program if you’re not tracking on your vacation. Weight Watchers will still be here when you get back home and back on your normal routine.


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