OBAL 014: Save Your Marriage with Date Night

One Badass Life - date nightIf someone was to ask us the top three things that keeps our marriage going, in no specific order, they would be:

  • Open and real communication
  • Eternal love
  • And Date nights

That’s right, date nights!

We love our date nights! They don’t have to be over the top, although those rock too. Setting aside time for the two of us to reconnect without the boys helps us to rekindle our relationship. Now I know the initial reaction is going to be “date nights are great but making time is the biggest roadblock.” We totally understand. In this episode, we break this down into four tasks that you need to accomplish to make your date nights awesome.

Four Tasks to Awesome Date Nights

  • The first task is kid logisitics.  Every successful date night will come down to kid logistics. If you can’t check this task off your list, you are not going to have fun.
  • The second task is the Itinerary.  Now that you know that the kids are taken care of, you can move to the main event.  Date nights can vary, so you need a plan!
  • The third task is to Focus.  Date nights are your time to focus on each other. Not your work emails, not fantasy football, not Candy Crush. This is so important in our date nights! This gives you the ultimate time to talk to each other.
  • The fourth and final task is Enjoy.  This should go without saying but the whole point of this night is for the two of you to have fun TOGETHER.

According to a study by the National Marriage Project called the Date Night Opportunity, Couples are 21% more likely to get divorced if they rarely have couple time.  I will give you a link to this report in our April Resources Page.

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