Weight Watchers Bread and other Options – Including Smart Points

It used to be that eating bread was a huge “No-No” if you were trying to lose weight – unfortunately, most of us loveWeight Watchers Bread it. The reality is that if you choose light whole grain options, you can have your Weight Watchers bread and eat it too.

There are several Weight Watcher’s friendly breads, hot dog, and hamburger buns brands available today and you’ll be able to find a variety in your local grocery store. Since the supermarket bread aisles are usually overflowing with options, read the packaging carefully before you buy. To make it easier, here are some healthy weight watchers bread choices:

Harvest (1 SmartPoint)

Light 100% whole wheat

45 Calories & Delightful (1 SmartPoint)

100% whole wheat

100% multigrain

100% whole wheat with honey

Sara Lee 80 Calories & Delightful (1 SmartPoint)

Wheat hamburger bun

Wheat hot dog bun

Wonder Bread (1 SmartPoint)

Light wheat

100% Whole wheat

Country Kitchen Light (1 SmartPoint)



Holsum (1 SmartPoint)

Light wheat

Holsum Lite’r 35 (1 SmartPoint)



D’Italiano (1 SmartPoint)

Sliced Light Italian bread

Healthy Life Light (1 SmartPoint)

Wheat hot dog bun

Light white hot dog bun

Remember to always check your app to make sure you’re calculating the right values. Sometimes nutritional values change.

Food for Thought

Selecting healthy bread isn’t just about whole grains – it’s important to take protein, fat, fiber and carbs into account as well. Light whole grain breads can be low calorie and still provide enough fiber to keep you feeling satisfied, making them great Weight Watchers bread option. A single slice of several 100% whole-wheat bread options you’ll find at the grocery store is usually 2 SmartPoints. If you use the “light” varieties, you can enjoy two slices for the same point value.

Reading the Label

Always read the label and stay clear of breads with predominantly list enriched “white flour,” “white flour” or “wheat flour.” All three terms indicate that the grain has been refined, meaning that it has been stripped of its nutrients, fiber-rich bran and germ.

If you and the family aren’t into the taste of whole grain breads, try the lighter grain alternatives that have a milder taste. Just make sure that you’re buying a lighter version made of whole white wheat, not whole wheat made using refined flour with virtually no nutritional value. If you prefer organic breads (ingredients grown without herbicides, pesticides, etc.), it might be a little challenging to find as many choices at the grocery store, but it is possible. Eating organic breads won’t make much of a difference nutritionally, but you may avoid chemicals – which is always good!

Consider Substituting Vegetables for Bread

If bread is getting in the way of your healthy eating plan, swap in vegetables! Nutrient dense, low-calorie veggies can make surprisingly good bread substitutes, including lettuce (romaine is a great choice), zucchini, cucumber, eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, and Portobello mushrooms and they would be zero points! For a sweet twist, thinly slice an apple and use it as bread for a refreshing mini sandwich.

What Happened to the 1Point Weight Watchers Bread?

I’m not sure, but it’s no longer available at my stores. I suspect it’s much higher in SmartPoints than Points Plus – so it probably didn’t sell well.

What kind of bread do you eat on the Weight Watcher’s plan? I’d love to know in the comments below!

When Does Weight Watchers Week Start?

If you have made up your mind to lose weight with the popular Weight Watchers program, you’re probably excited about the fact that you’ve made a commitment that can be life changing. That said, you might not know when to begin or how to prepare. When it comes to answering the question “When does Weight Watchers week start?” It often comes down to personal habits. However, your Weight Watcher’s consultant will be able to help you with suggestions.

Weight Watchers also offers a nutritionally balanced start week program that contributes to the success of participants, encouraging a slow and steady weight loss and teaches members how to maintain it. What you’re probably not sure of is where or when to start, especially if you haven’t followed the Weight Watchers program before. The fact is that Weight Watchers makes it relatively easy to get started, with a series of steps you can take the first week to get on the road to successful weight loss.

When Does Weight Watchers Week Start?So, when does Weight Watchers week start?

If you are on the online plan, you can start anytime. To change your weight tracking day follow these steps:

  • Go to Plan Manager.
  • In the upper right corner, click the “Settings” button.
  • Choose Weight & Goals and the “Edit” link located next to your current weight-tracking day.
  • Choose a new weight tracking day from the drop-down menu
  • Click “Save.”

If you attend in-person meetings, the week starts on your meeting day.  Contact a Weight Watchers facility near you for available days and times.

Weekly Weigh Ins – the Cornerstone of Weight Watchers

It’s well known that weekly weigh-ins have an important role in Weight Watchers success. Weighing in helps members chart their progress, keeps them accountable, provides feedback on eating habits over the previous week and, on top of that, gives you the opportunity for a reset each week. A lot of members start Weight Watchers week on their weigh-in day. However, other members prefer to start on different days. The best day of the week to start comes down to what works for you. In other words, the day of the week you choose, based on your personal preferences, can be used as a tool to help you stay on the plan. For example, a Monday morning weigh-in can be perfect for those who feel they need a bit of a break over the weekend. Others prefer to face the common temptations faced over the weekend head on.

Benefits of Weight Watchers Week Starting on Saturday

Starting on Saturday has always worked for me. By ending my week on Friday, I would weigh in Saturday morning and then have all my daily and weekly points available. This approach is perfect if you prefer to eat out on the weekend. I could eat out and use a lot of my weekly points on the weekend and then I went through the weekdays knowing exactly how many points I had left.

Bottom line, “When Does Weight Watchers Week Start?” comes down to what works for you. If Saturday doesn’t work for you, try Sunday or Monday. You’ll find the perfect formula. Also, be sure to pat yourself on the back for successes, big or small. Did you snack on fruit instead of carrot cake last night? Give yourself a pat on the back. If you acknowledge successes, you’ll be more likely to stick with the plan.

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Weight Watchers for Teens? Here’s What You Should Know

Between the growing pressure teens feel to be model thin, and today’s childhood obesity epidemic, it’s not surprising that they’re interested in losing weight. Weight Watchers for teens is a sensible weight loss option with a success formula that is based on choosing filling, satisfying, and nutrient-rich foods. The program also helps develops healthy eating habits while safely losing weight

Weight Watchers for teensWeight Watchers for Teens

The company’s weight-loss program for teens requires a unique approach, with the first step is deciding whether they need to lose weight. This involves seeing a doctor first.

Consulting with a Physician

Always talk to your doctor or pediatrician before starting a weight loss program because they’ll be able to help determine if weight loss is necessary and safely monitor your child’s progress if it is. It’s also important to note that Weight Watchers for teens requires written medical permission to participate in meetings if they’re under 17 years of age.

Weight Watchers Offers Programs for those 10 and Up

For adults, Weight Watcher’s range for a healthy weight loss is up to 2 lbs a week. Weight Watchers for teens (10 years and up) recommends no more than 1 lb a month for healthy height growth and muscle development. The company will help tailor a plan to meet their needs instead of using the same plan that an adult might follow.

What helps make Weight Watchers such a great weight loss program is that it was put together by highly regarded medical professionals. The core of the weight loss program is based on a scientific foundation that prioritizes the individual’s health. The requirements for Weight Watchers ensure that it meets the particular circumstances and needs of everyone. Weight Watchers is committed to helping members achieve healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and live healthier, more productive lives.

Education Focused

The Weight Watchers program is also focused on education, helping members learn about the best (and worst) food choices for healthy weight loss. The information provided helps members understand food (and their relationship with it), nutrition, and weight loss. Members learn how to make healthy choices independently, meaning it’s not a “diet” that is going to tell you what to eat and limit your choices. Additional valuable resources they provide include healthy recipes, understanding portion sizes, and even how to eat at restaurants.

Encouragement at Home

Weight loss can be a sensitive subject when it comes to kids. Knowledge is power and teaching your child how to eat healthily and encourage some of the physical activity will go a long way in helping them shed excess weight.

Weight Watchers for teens is an exceptional option that works, but the results will be even better if the family participates. If the child feels like they are being treated differently from the rest of the family, there’s a good chance that they’re going to resist. Parents that practice what they preach will not only help their child lose weight – the entire family will enjoy the benefits of following a healthy eating plan, whether they need to lose weight or not.

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