Pursue the Best Version of You Online Dream Program Launch

I’m excited to launch my Pursue the Best Version of You online dream program today. Click here to give it a go.

Online Dream Program Launch

Dream Program

This seven day email series will explore your passions and help you to take steps to become the best version of you. Imagine, in seven days you’ll be on your way to pursuing the best version of you!

Within the dream program, I’ve included my Dream Identification path for those of you who don’t already know what your passions and dreams are.  There is no cost to sign up for the Dream Identification path either. It’s absolutely free. If you select the Dream Identification path on day one, the entire experience will take slightly over two weeks.

Why Provide the Dream Program for Free?

Why am I making this free? That’s a great question! I believe that everyone should have access to a dream program. It’s our dreams that inspire us to action. Our actions change the landscape of those around us. They tell the story of who we are and why we are here. When we live our lives with intention, the world becomes (quite frankly) a little bit brighter. {Tweet That}

What are My Dream Program Qualifications?

What makes me qualified to provide an online dream program? I think the best answer to this question is Experience and almost two decades in curriculum development and training. I’ve also coached many start-up businesses, mompreneurs, and friends on how to pursue the best version of themselves, their businesses, and their lives. I’ve successfully lived through some very dark times, including having no income in 2009 to support my family, 11 weeks in the NICU praying for the chance to take my baby home, and so much more.

Start Now

It’s time to take steps towards your dream.
Sign up for my FREE Pursue the Best Version of You online dream program to receive specific actionable steps that will help you:

  • Discover your dreams
  • Create action plans to achieve breakthrough results
  • Become the BEST VERSION of YOU

Don’t waste another second.  Start now, and while you’re at it tell a friend. The journey is always better with a friend.

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4 thoughts on “Pursue the Best Version of You Online Dream Program Launch

    • Hi Tammy! Sorry about that…I added the link to the post. You can sign up at the top of my blog and here it is as well: Click here. I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts!