OBAL 017: Making Your Interviewing Skills Awesome!

One Badass Life Podcast - interviewing skillsLast month, we discussed job search strategies that really work. Hopefully, with perseverance you have gotten your first set of interviews lined up. Nervous? That’s natural. Up until now, you have been working hard rocking your resume, and networking like a mad person. You have hit pay dirt. You got a bite. Now is not the time to have doubts. You can do this! We are here to Make your Interviewing Skills Awesome! It is easier than you think. In this episode, we are going to break it down into four skills to making you an interviewing rock star.

Four Interviewing Skills to Make You Awesome 

  • The first skill is to Know Yourself. Seems simple right? Try talking about yourself to a mirror? Weird? You must be an expert on you. Nobody else is going to know more in your interview. In order to be the expert on yourself and be able to share it in an interview you need to practice.
  • The second skill is to Know the Position. As much as you may be just wanting a job, hopefully you are applying for a specific position. You need to come across in your interview as if you could start tomorrow without training.
  • The third skill is to Know the Company. You can look really bad if you go into an interview and you don’t know what type of business the company is in.
  • The fourth and final skill is Your Game Plan. With everything else you have worked on to this point is about knowing your shit. This last step is more focused on how you are going to dress, interact, and carry yourself in your interview.

As you get ready for all those interviews you have lined up, take the time to listen in as we discuss these four steps in greater detail. Best of luck!

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