OBAL 016: Staying Ahead of Your Kids Fun Filled Summer Starts Now!

One Badass Life Podcast - fun filled summerOh summer, how you can sneak up on us! As parents, with the exception of the teachers out there, we no longer get to experience the break during the summer like our kids do. Those ten weeks, this can vary, are tough to plan for. They can cost a lot as well. Your comfort level for leaving the kids at home unsupervised will vary depending on your kid’s age, maturity level as well as your ability to find some stuff for them to do. The majority of us are scrambling to get these ten weeks covered somehow, someway. The reason for the rush, as you will hear in this episode, is that everything books up quick. Vacations can cover a week or two but that’s it. We have to work! So join us in our discussion about how we all need to stay ahead of our kid’s fun filled summer by planning today with our top five destinations for our kids this summer.

Top Five Fun Filled Summer Destinations

  • The first destination is Sports/Activities Camps. These camps can vary in length. These book up quick. You are typically working on this three to six months in advance.
  • The second destination is Your Local School District. It is amazing what your local schools can put together.
  • The third destination is Technology Camps. As technology advances so quickly, there are great opportunities out there for you kids to become experts.
  • The fourth destination is Family Visits. There is nothing better than getting time to hang out with the grandparents. Our boys happened to be blessed with awesome grandparents.

As you can see, we are planning summer way in advance. The long lead camps are taken care of by December, the school camps are done by April, and the extra time is coordinated between your vacation and time with the grandparents. It is only done when your summer weeks are allocated for. Done! Another fun filled summer all ready for your kids!

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