OBAL 018: Keeping your Kids Focused on School with Summer Near

One Badass Life - kids focused on schoolWe have all been there, staring at the clock in the classroom, counting down the last few minutes until summer. The last month of school is the hardest month  to keep your kids focused on school. Now as a parent, I have a lot of empathy for them. They are so ready to be done with school. Their brains are mush. However, we as parents must stay strong. May is filled with final projects and tests that could weigh heavily on their end of year grades. So how do we do this? In this episode, we discussed four areas that can help them get through this last month of school.

Areas to Keep your Kids Focused on School

  • The first area is Organization. This is not natural for most kids. Especially by the end of the year. In the mad dash to the end though, a little organization can keep them sane. You need to be careful to not overdo it though.
  • The second area is Priorities. Their young minds sure do like to de-prioritize school work at every turn. We need to step in and fine tune them periodically.
  • The third area is Health. School is stressful for our kids and carrying stress is not healthy. We need to help them in making better decisions about their health because we can’t be there for them forever.
  • The fourth and final area is Communication.  Through everything that is discussed in this episode, one common theme is communication.

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