OBAL 021: Insights Into the Life of a Military Wife

As we approach Memorial Day, we want to take a pause and pay our due respect to our soldiers. These soldiers continually put their lifes on the line to protect our freedom. Just as important, we must recognize their families that remain behind, trying to keep their life’s going while they are missing an integral part of their family. As a tribute toOne-Badass-Life-Podcast-Insights-into-a-military-wife our soldiers, we were able sit down and discuss the insights into the life of a military wife with Tracie’s sister Sherry Lewis.  What is amazing about this discussion is that it is very applicable to families that are planning on an extended separation from one of the parents, regardless if they are in the military or not.

Insight of a Military Wife

  • Strategies in preparing for a deployment or a long time away from the family. She will talk about:
    • Finances
    • Insurance
    • Account responsibilities
  • Managing and Planning the family’s day-to-day activities during a deployment.
  • Communication. One advantage to our technologies advancement is the ability to communicate better with our soldiers at-large. Sherry discusses how she uses:
    • Face Time
    • Texting
    • Social Media
    • Phone calls
  • Getting Help. This is always a struggle to ask for help. However, consider the following advice
    • Know when its too much and you are stressing out
    • Save your time for important things
    • Managing your balance
  • Implementing Open Dialogue. Sherry has amazing insight to how she keeps plugged in with her kids during a deployment.
  • When they Come Back. The process to bring a recently deployed soldier back into normal life is not easy. Sherry will discuss some of the challenges and her approach.
  • Tips on how to provide support to families going through separation.

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