Five Awesome Android Small Business Productivity Apps

Android small business productivity appsTechnology continues to make our lives easier each day, and I’m always on the look out for awesome Android small business productivity apps. Today, I’m sharing five of them.  I download most of mine through the Google Play store, but there are many available on Amazon as well.

Android Small Business Productivity Apps

The first one to is the app called Evernote. I use this app to take notes during meetings and when I think of ideas to write about. It’s not just for writing down your notes, it can also facilitate synching, sharing, and recording reminders for later reference. I highly recommend this free app.

Dropbox is my second favorite. Dropbox is a file storage and sharing system, where the files are stored in a cloud (e.g., a server located somewhere that you access with your computer).  You can store files, image, videos or any type file, and share files or folders with your co-workers.

Google drive is similar to Dropbox.  It has the same cloud base sharing and document collaboration functionality. Once you upload a file, you can share the link with your co-workers. If you document is private, it will require that they request access from you. Google will send the request to your Gmail account. Once you approve it, your co-worker will have the access that you granted.

Hootsuite keeps all of your social media streams in one location.  I use it to view my Facebook pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn updates. It helps keep me organized and in the know.

Cozi Calendar and Shopping Lists is a must have.  I can organize my entire family calendar and send reminders to my phone before I’m supposed to be somewhere.  It really keeps me on track! This app stores shopping lists, to do lists, and journaling as well.  I LOVE THIS APP!

So there you have it! My top five awesome Android small business productivity apps. Now, let’s get productive!

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