OBAL 025: Time to Shine! The First Three Months at a New Job will Make or Break You

One Badass Life Podcast - New JobIf you are starting a new job, odds are you have been really working hard to get to this point. Our series of freedom episodes have been focusing on getting you to this point. First we worked hard to get those search strategies in place that really work (OBAL 012). Then we worked on creating awesome interviewing skills (OBAL 017). Regardless if you are starting a new job or still hustling to get your next job, it is important to discuss how you need to approach the first three months in order to keep that job. It is imperative to realize that you understand that all the hard work is not over. Listen in as we give you four points to focus on that can make this opportunity last.

Five Points to Shine at Your New Job

  • The first point is to Understand the Business. Of course you know something about the company and their business or they wouldn’t have hired you. We are talking about going deeper here.
  • The second point is to Understand Your Role. This is even more important than understanding the business. How does your role make an impact to what the company does?
  • The third point is to Understand Your Boss. It would seem to reason that you made an impression with your new boss or you wouldn’t have been hired. Now is the time to make him or her look great.
  • The fourth point is to Make the Right Impression. You have three months, so make them count. Quickly assess the project(s) you are given and make them shine. Regardless of the project, this needs to be your target.
  • The fifth and final point is to Ask For Feedback. How will you know that you did well or utterly failed? Asking for feedback is not fun but it will make an impression with your boss.

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