Does Weight Watchers Work?

Founded in the United States, Weight Watchers offers a variety of products and services to help their members’ loss weight and maintain it. Does Weight Watchers Work?The key focus behind Weight Watchers is to utilize a science-driven strategy to help their members lose weight by developing beneficial habits, including exercising, eating smarter and taking advantage of the program’s support via online tools and meetings. The question of the day is – does Weight Watchers work? The following will help you make an informed decision.

Weight Watcher’s Claim to Fame

Weight Watchers isn’t a fad diet. It’s been around a long time. You can eat just about anything you want on the Weight Watchers weight loss plan – steak, pasta, and even ice cream. That said, the program encourages you to opt for healthy food choices while using their points system. The weight loss program advertises that it’s more of a lifestyle change than a “diet,” teaching you how to eat healthier, exercise more and yes, achieve sustainable weight loss.

Smart Points System

Weight Watcher’s SmartPoints program sticks with the program’s low carb/high protein model. You’ll set up a SmartPoints target, based on your goals and your lifestyle. Provided that you keep within your daily goals, you’ll be able to use the points any way you’d like, even consuming desserts and alcohol. What’s important to note is that lower calorie, healthier foods have fewer points. Being able to eat more of the healthy food choices means you’ll feel satisfied faster, diminishing those hunger pains.

Fast Weight Loss

If you stick to the Weight Watcher’s plan and eat a lot of healthy carbs in the form of vegetables and fruits, you’ll be able to lose weight faster than if you eat processed carbs like bread and pasta. Additional water is necessary to store carbs, meaning that if you don’t eat as many carbs, you’ll lose weight.

Typically the body burns carbohydrates, using them for fuel and when you significantly cut carbs, the body enters into what is referred to as ketosis, a metabolic state and starts to burn fat for fuel. Once the fat supply becomes a key source of energy, weight loss occurs.

Risks of Low Carb/high Protein Diets

A number of medical experts have voiced concern regarding low-carb/high-protein diets, including the fact that they can raise cholesterol which can lead to heart disease. Diets high in protein can lead to kidney stones and osteoporosis because high levels of protein can cause individuals to lose large amounts of calcium. Bottom line, the best low carb/high protein weight loss program will include lean meat choices and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Does Weight Watchers Work?

Does Weight Watchers Work? The short answer is yes. If the idea of using a food scale and counting calories causing you to procrastinate and put off even attempting to lose weight, the Weight Watcher’s SmartPoint based weight loss program might work well for you. Using points along with the program’s online tools, applying a specific number value to each food choice, including restaurant foods, makes it easier to stick with. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the best diet is one you can stick with, which comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. That and you need to be ready to commit to losing weight.

If you’re considering a low-carb/high protein weight loss program, check with your nutritionist or physician to make sure it’s a healthy choice for you. If you decide on the Weight Watcher’s plan, be sure to purchase it via Ebates. You’ll get a $10 gift card + a rebate of $5 or more + the current Weight Watcher’s deal. If you use my referral link, I’ll get $5 which will buy a couple of protein drinks. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Does Weight Watchers Work?

  1. I have only been doing WW for two weeks. For the most part I am eating way more food than before. I use to skip lunch and snack. Pepsi,rice crispy treat and captain crunch were my stand bys. Smoothies for breakfast and a good dinner but what happened in between was ruining me and my hubby. Now I am in the kitchen all day cutting fruit,chopping veggies, making low fat versions of food. And the dirty dishes, we could load the dishwasher twice a day. We are just two people. On the other hand my mom is on WW for almost three months and uses mostly packaged foods. She doesn’t like cooking anymore. I like to cook but this is taking many hours a week from meal planning,lists,shopping,cooking and cleaning! If we lose weight, it will be worth it!