A Couple’s Journey to Escape Average with the START Experiment

If you want to know what a couple’s journey to escape average looks like, then you’ve come to the right place. In June of this year I read a blog post from Jon Acuff who invited the world to escape average with the START Experiment, and join him on an adventure. I like to try new things, and this was just the motivation that I needed to get started on my second (and apparently third) book. I was so excited about the START Experiment that I invited my friends and husband to join me as well. To my surprise, Lonny decided he’d join me on this journey.

A Couple’s Journey to Escape Average

Lonny and I have been married for over 15 years, and we’ve been together since high school. He works for the government and I work for a software company.

Couple's Journey to Escape Average

Our days consist of getting up, heading to work, coming home, getting dinner on the table, shuffling the kids to practices, homework, bed, rinse, and repeat. We lead a pretty average, but blessed life. It’s time to escape average.

We each chose 1 risk (or challenge) to complete during the Start Experiment. Mine is to complete a draft of my next book. I knew it would be a challenging to pump out an entire draft in 24 days, but I’m focused and doing well so far.  Lonny’s risk is to complete a marketing campaign for our business www.MyVideoScribe.com. That meant that he needed to get up to speed in two software programs, draft a campaign, and include all assets within the campaign.  Not only that, but guess who’s not the marketing person in the house (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Lonny).

Daily Accountability

Each day we receive an email from Jon Acuff that lists the challenge for the day. One challenge might be to write our our goals, ignore haters, or thank someone. We are in groups of 24 and in that group we each have a partner. Mine is Tammy Helfrich and Lonny’s is David Burns. We check in with our partners at least twice a week, and post to the group’s closed Facebook page. This is great for accountability.

On our couple’s journey to escape average we are accountable to each other. Every night we talk about our day, and how we’re progressing with the START Experiment.  We help each other out when we are stuck or out of ideas. This daily accountability helps us complete our challenges, but more importantly it brings us closer together.

Goodbye Average

One of my favorite moments of our journey was when my husband told me that he wanted to continue to progress in his career. I had given up pushing him in this area after he was laid off in 2009. He needed some time to just have a job, come home, and focus on his family and himself. When he told me that he wanted to start working towards a promotion, I think my jaw dropped. In our house a job is much different than a career, and to hear him tell me that he was ready to become awesome was…well…awesome.

I’m so proud of all of the accomplishments that he has been able to achieve over the last 20ish days. He was an amazing husband and father before we started, but now he’s finding dreams that he never knew he had. That’s the thing about dreams. You get started on one and another one appears that you didn’t even know you had.

It’s Not Over

The first round of the START Experiment ends this week. I’m not sure what’s next, but I can tell you that it’s not over for us. Lonny and I add this daily accountability to escape average and continue on our journey. We’ll talk about our dreams and the steps that we take each day to work toward being the best we can be as a couple, as parents, as siblings, as children.

My Start Experiment “Pick Me” Video

If you know me and my obsession with Quitter and now Start then you know that I wasn’t about to miss out on this adventure with one of my favorite authors. I was one of the first to sign up, and submitted this video in hopes that my email would get some attention. I’m so glad that it did. Along our couple’s journey to escape average we grew a little bit closer, got a heck of a lot done, and became better versions of ourselves.

If you were part of the Start Experiment, comment below and let me know how you did. I’d love to hear how you escaped average too!


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