Why Did I Start This Weight Watchers Blog?

I’ve often wondered and have been asked why I started this Weight Watchers blog. The fact is that I started it for Weight watchers blogmany reasons. One of the main reasons is that I figured that it would be a great way to hold myself accountable, to document my progress and become more knowledgeable along my journey. What I didn’t expect at the time was how life changing my awesome readers would end up being, offering encouragement and motivation that helped make it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While I post what I feel is good, unbiased information, I’ve learned even more from my readers. I firmly believe that if I hadn’t started writing this weight watchers blog and built this like-minded community, I would have given up years ago.

Inspiration and Encouragement

By sharing my struggles, workouts, and even body image issues I deal with from time to time, I’ve been able to inspire and encourage myself and my readers along our weight loss journeys. It’s difficult to succeed in just about anything in life without inspiration and encouragement.


Let’s face it – our biggest enemy when it comes to weight loss is ourselves. A busy schedule, temptation, a loss of motivation, fatigue, among many other things, can cause us to lose track of our weight loss and exercise goals. Practicing self-control and holding yourself accountable will help keep you on track.

My Weight Watchers blog helps me hold myself accountable by sharing it with my readers. When you’re the only one that’s aware of your weight loss goals, it’s far too easy to let yourself slip up and not meet it. On the other hand, when you make your journey public, you will feel more responsibility to meet your goals. Telling your readers, supportive friends and family members about your specific goals, like how much weight you plan on losing and by what date, how often you plan on exercising, etc., will help you remain accountable. Readers will expect you to meet your goals, motivating you to succeed so that you don’t disappoint them.

Unbiased Source

To be an unbiased source of information regarding weight loss. Part of my goal for the Weight Watchers blog is to be an impartial resource, providing information about weight loss programs I’ve reviewed, healthy weight loss information and tips, and my unbiased thoughts regarding the latest trend in weight loss tips, supplements, etc.

Continuous Learning

I certainly don’t claim to “know it all” and don’t plan to. The fact is, life is a journey, and I will always be open to learning new things. Those who have managed to successfully lose weight and have kept it off have a lot to teach all of us. What they also know for sure is that extreme diets and exercise routines are recipes for failure. Bottom line, weight loss is a journey based on continuous learning.

I don’t sell anything on this blog. Maybe I should. But then that would make me a little more biased I think. Luckily the ads and affiliate links on this site pay for keeping this blog online. So, for now…you get me and my thoughts. I wish you the best in your Weight Watchers journey, and thanks for reading my weight watchers blog.

Can You Do Weight Watchers Without Meetings?

Weight Watchers is by far one of the most well-known weight loss programs in the world. Part of the success of the can-weight-watchers-without-meetingsprogram is based on meetings for motivation and to keep members on track with their weight loss goals. The question is, can you do Weight Watchers without meetings? Thanks to today’s innovative technologies the answer is yes. Simply follow the online program or get an app.

Weight Watchers Online

The digital tools Weight Watchers provides today for its members do a great job of keeping them motivated, including instant access to a wealth of useful information and recipes. In addition, the program’s online community is unrivaled when it comes to motivation and inspiration. This year’s changes have made it even easier to achieve healthy weight loss, including SmartPoints which replaced Weight Watcher’s old points plus system a couple years back. The new focus is to make it even easier to get members to eat healthy along with even more filling foods.

SmartPoints are developed utilizing a formula that includes calories, protein, saturated fats, and sugars. The points in the program are calculated with calories, decreasing when you add protein, increasing as you add sugars and saturated fat. Weight Watchers online is the ideal plan for the self-starters out there who require a certain level of flexibility and don’t want to be constrained to certain food lists.

Weight Watchers App

The Weight Watchers app can help you lead a healthier, active life on the go. The program consistently makes updates to the app in an effort to continually provide members with the best possible user experience. App features include a food and activity tracker, 24/7 chat support, an active online community and more. You do need to be a member of Weight Watchers to use the app.

Another popular Weight Watchers focused app is iTrackBites which offers most of the Weight Watchers features except chat functionality. Also, important to note is that the iTrackBites’ online community is far surpassed by Weight Watcher’s app. But, it’s a decent community none-the-less.

You can also buy a kit and DIY. This Weight Watchers 2017 Smart Points welcome kit is really useful for those that are new to the program. There are several booklets bundled in the kit, along with a pocket guide and a Smart Points Calculator.

Whatever You Choose – make sure you have a good support system

While you can do Weight Watchers without meetings, never underestimate the importance of a good support system. You might not realize it, but the world is full of saboteurs, for the most part, well-meaning people that seem to ignore the fact that you’re trying to lose weight and live a healthier life. A friend who brings over a cheesecake when you’re upset. The well-meaning boss who brings doughnuts into the office for staff meetings. The hubby who whips up a huge plate of nachos to munch on during the game. Heck, most of us end up being our own worst self-saboteurs. Either way, finding someone with the same goals, whether they’re local or online, will be a source of support for all involved and is essential to achieve long lasting weight loss success.

Weight Watchers No Count Recipes

Losing weight isn’t easy for most people because obstacles like diets that require almost starving yourself, bland Weight Watchers No Count Recipesfoods, etc., make them impossible to stick too. That’s why it’s important to look for a plan or approach that’s relatively easy to follow. Weight Watchers no count recipes not only make is easy to lose weight – they taste great too. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as seeing the numbers on the scale steadily drop, and that’s what happens with this healthy and sustainable weight loss plan.

Weight Watcher’s Simply Filling Technique

When it comes to no count recipes or foods on Weight Watchers – you’re looking for the “Simply Filling Technique.” This strategy is based exclusively on the “Power Foods” list without being required to count the PointsPlus values of the foods listed. You can still follow the PointsPlus allowance if you prefer to, however, it’s important that you track those items, remaining within your weekly allowance. Here are the best things about the Weight Watchers no count recipes plan:

  • You Can Eat Carbs: You don’t need to cut out carbs like bread, pasta and oatmeal (they just need to be whole grain (no white processed grains). Successful, sustainable weight loss is all about whole foods and clean eating (unprocessed).
  • Sustainable: Because there’s so much, you can eat you won’t feel limited, making Weight Watchers easy to follow and sustain. Feeling satisfied (not starving yourself), means that you’ll be less likely to splurge on unhealthy comfort foods.
  • Great Plan if You’re Pregnant or Nursing: Because Weight Watchers no count recipes are made up of healthy calories with a variety of nutrient-rich qualities, it’s the ideal healthy eating plan for those who are pregnant or nursing.
  • You’ll Feel Great: When you don’t put impossible to stick to restrictions on yourself psychologically, you’ll most likely find that you do want to eat healthier foods.
  • Dining Out is Easy: You can dine out at your favorite restaurant or a friend’s house without having to count every little calorie or point in your meal. You’ll be able to find something to order most restaurants that will fit into the plan (salads, grilled chicken, broth-based soups, sandwiches on whole wheat, etc.)
  • Inexpensive: Because Weight Watchers is inexpensive, anyone can afford to follow it. Here are some tips to get Weight Watchers for free or cheap.

Weight Watchers No Count Recipes

To create Weight Watchers no count recipes, use this food list. Here’s a summary of what’s included:

  • Fruits: You can basically eat all fresh, frozen without added sugar and even canned fruit if it’s in its own juice (not syrups), drained.
  • Vegetables: You can have most fresh, frozen or canned vegetables without added sugar or unhealthy oils.
  • Whole Grains: Think brown when it comes to grains, including brown rice, oatmeal, cream of wheat, 100% bran, whole wheat breads, and pastas.
  • Non-Fat Dairy and Dairy Substitutes: Options include fat-free yogurt (with artificial sweetener), fat-free milk and cheese, soy products, fat-free sour cream.
  • Lean Proteins: Including lean poultry (no skin), meat, dried beans and peas, lentils, most fish, eggs, tofu, etc.
  • Beverages: Common sense beverages like coffee or tea without sugar, club soda and seltzer (unsweetened), diet soda and of course water.
  • Seasonings and Condiments: You’ll find that there is a surprisingly long list of food enhancing seasonings and condiments that you can use in Weight Watchers no count recipes. What you won’t find are options like full-fat margarine and mayonnaise
  • Healthy Oils: You can have two tablespoons a day of healthy oils that include olive oil, flaxseed oil, canola oil, sunflower and safflower oil.

What’s not Included

Foods that aren’t included in Weight Watchers no count recipes and power food list include processed foods, dried fruit, fruit and vegetable juices (high in sugar and sodium), French fries, fried or battered foods, etc.

For your convenience, Weight Watchers also provides a free download of no count recipes. What are your favorite Weight Watchers no count recipes?