Weight Watchers Etools Signup – Easy Steps to Getting Started

Weight Watchers etools signup is easy, but first, you should know what you’re getting. Weight Watchers’ eTools is an online service for members that includes access to support materials and tracking tools.Weight Watchers Etools Signup-fb

Weight Watchers claims that members who use Web-based eTools and attend meetings lose more than those who only attend meetings. The eTools function is the same thing as the online version. The difference is that eTools is the version you get if you attend meetings too.

Weight Watchers Etools Signup

Weight Watchers eTools subscribers can go online to www.WeightWatchers.com. Then click “Weight Watchers Meetings” then “Weight Watchers eTools.” You’ll need a valid eTools code to gain access. Follow the rest of the sign-up process to reactivate your account.

If you attend meetings, you can obtain an access code at your meeting. You can also fax or mail Weight Watchers a signed and dated photocopy of your participant book (DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL). They will send your access code to the e-mail address you give when they have confirmed your subscription.

Is Weight Watchers eTools worth the cost?

The answer is that it depends. If you like going to the meetings and track your SmartPoints manually, then you don’t need eTools. You would only need the eTools program for recipes then. Plus there are plenty of apps that cost about $5 instead of paying the monthly fee for the tracking functionality.

However, if you’d like the recipes, weight watchers community, and access to the special webinars from Oprah, then it may be worth the investment. The goal is to lose weight and if a few dollars more a month helps you do that. Then it’s worth it.

Whatever you decide, Weight Watcher’s eTools sign up is super easy. You just need a code that you can pick up at your next meeting. I personally prefer Weight Watchers online. If you’d like to read my comprehensive review, click here.

Weight Watchers Free Trial – Everything you need to know

weight watchers free trial pinMost of you know that you count points (Smart Points these days) on the Weight Watchers program. This is instead of calculating calories, fat, carbs or other things common with most diet programs. But, sometimes it’s hard to commit to a plan if you’ve never done it before. That’s why having a Weight Watchers free trial would be awesome, especially for those of us who are on a tight budget.

Rarely does Weight Watchers provide a free trial, but some locations do! At least for the first meeting. So don’t give up just yet. You can get free information by trying one or a few of the methods below. As always, to get the best deal on Weight Watchers use Ebates. You’ll get a free gift card when you use our referral link.

Ask a Friend

Look for a friend who is already in the program. Perhaps you can borrow their kit for a few days. The kit usually has everything that you need to get started including a pocket food guide, a food points’ calculator tool, a food journal tips and eateries to eat healthily. Don’t forget to give the kit back!

Use a Third-Party App

Most folks who want to go back to the old system or who want to pay less for Weight Watchers, should use an app like  the itrackbites app. It’s one of the best out there and only costs $3.99. It has a recipe builder add on for $1.99 as well as a restaurant guide for $1.99. It tracks Smart Points, Points Plus, and the old Points program. It’s not a Weight Watchers free trial, but for $3.99 it’s close to it!

Search Online

Search for material online. Our blog is a great resource for those who are just starting out. You can also search for the Weight Watchers point system calculator from several online resources. With the calculator at hand, you can learn and utilize the points in determining what your meals each day. Understand the point systems, memorize it, and use it to choose your meals for the day.

Read Weight Watcher’s Magazine

Read their print material. You can find Weight Watchers magazines in your local library. Borrow the magazines and glean guidance from the magazine. You can also look for previous editions from the recycle center.

Weight Watchers Free Trial Meeting

Some Weight Watchers locations offer free first meetings to get people to try their programs. You can ask a paying member to call you when they have the next meeting where first timers are welcomed free. You can also call the location that you’re interested in attending. Ensure that you attend all Weight Watcher meetings and take advantage of free advice during the free trial period.

Get to Lifetime Fast

Part of the first things that you will do on signing up to the Weight Watchers is to establish long-term weight loss goals. You will likely reach and maintain the goal if you put the required effort into it. Once you have achieved this, you are entitled to free subscription to the program. It’s called lifetime status. This means that you can get free advice and tools for the rest of your life by maintaining your weight loss goal.

While the plan may work for some, it may not work for others. Use any of the above methods to find if it works for you before considering a paid subscription. You can also benefit from the plan without ever paying a dime.

Weight Watchers has a well-defined system that is accessed by members on their site to follow the diet regime. However, to access the website, you need to pay a subscription fee. You can also purchase a program from the weight watchers conference in your locality. If you are on a tight budget, give one of these Weight Watchers free trial tips to get you started.

Weight Watchers Simply Filling Foods List

If you are looking for some freedom in what lands on your dining table while still staying healthy, Simply Filling plan is here for you. I covered the basics of the plan in our last post. Simply Filling Foods ListIn this post, I’m sharing the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Foods List, which is a long list of foods that you can eat without counting calories or portions.

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Here is the Simply Filling foods list:

Vegetables on the Simply Filling Foods List

You can eat most of the vegetables individually or mix them up. You can have canned, fresh, frozen or jarred veggies as long as they do not have added sugar or oil.

Other vegetables that you can eat include whole corn on the cob, sweet, red and white potatoes, green peas, and salsa without added sugar.

The vegetables that should not be on your list include pickled vegetables, olives, plantains, juices, and french fries. You should also not eat vegetables that are prepared from butter, sugary sauces, and oil.

Simply Filling Foods List – Fruit

You can eat all fruits that are canned, fresh, frozen or jarred in water, their own juice or other juice as long as they do not have any added sugar. You can also eat mixed fruits and salad without any added sugar. However, you should not eat dried fruits and drink juices.

Whole Grains Are on the Simply Filling Foods List

Foods in this list includes

  • Ready to eat cold whole grains without nuts or dried fruits and not more than a gram of added sugar. They should also have three or more grams of fiber per serving.
  • Cooked, hot cereals should not include nuts or added sugar, for example, you can have oatmeal, grits and 100 percent bran.
  • Wild and brown rice
  • Whole grain pasta that includes whole wheat pasta, spaghetti, gluten-free pasta, quinoa pasta
  • Whole grains such as cornmeal, buckwheat, barley, farro and bulgur
  • Air-popped or fat-free popped popcorn
  • Quinoa

The list does not include fried rice, white rice regular pasta, and mixes of flavored rice

Simply Filling Dairy and Dairy Substitutes

This includes

  • Fat-free and sugar-free milk and beverages such as cappuccino and latte
  • Fat-free cheese cream and cottage cheese
  • Fat-free yogurt whether light, Greek or plain
  • Soy cheese
  • Unflavored soy yogurt and milk

The list does not include fat-free evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and creamers

Lean Proteins on the List

  • Beef, turkey, lamb beef pork with less than 700gm sodium per serving
  • Deli and luncheon meats with reduced sodium
  • Whole eggs, substitutes, and whites
  • Dried, frozen, white, kidney and chickpeas
  • Peas (including dried and split)
  • Meat substitutes
  • Game meat and organ meats from pork, lamb, and beef

The list does not include fish canned in oil, processed meats, and fish with added fats

The plan allows whole grain and reduced calorie bread, muffins, buns, corn tortillas, and rolls. You can also eat reduced sodium broths and soups. The healthy oils in the list include safflower, olive, flaxseed, canola, and sunflower.

The beverages in the list include club soda, coffee, tea without added sugar, water, and seltzer. You may also use such seasonings as herbs, garlic, fat-free salad dressings, mustard, vinegar, steak sauce, taco sauce and sugar substitutes among others.

The Simply Filling plan has a wide list of foods that cover all your dietary needs. Ensure that you keep within the list and as much as you need, not starving your body or overeating. Best of luck!