OBAL 015: Your Badass Guide to Tax Season

One Badass Life Podcast - Guide to Tax SeasonOutside of the folks at H&R, I am pretty sure most people don’t enjoy tax season, us included! It is a necessary evil. “Did you properly fill out your schedule C? How about your 1065?” Crazy paperwork overload. There is no escaping it though. In this episode, we talk you through taxes and how we prepare ourselves to get through this process each and every year. We break this down into four questions that you can’t overlook to survive the tax season.

Four Questions for Tax Season Survival

  • The first question is Where is the paperwork? It seems like you need to hire a secretary to keep everything in order.
  • The second question is Who is doing your taxes? This may be a function of cost or of your level of comfort.
  • The third question is Are you getting all the credits and deductions? If there is one thing that the professionals know, or should know, are all the different credits and deductions that you need claim.
  • The fourth question is What can I do different this year? However your taxes turned out, short of a near balance, you have some adjusting to do. Some people feel that getting a check around tax time is great and others don’t like lending money for free to the government.

So listen in as we discuss these four questions in further detail, and lay out your Badass Guide to Tax Season.

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