6 Snacks that are Low in Weight Watchers Smart Points

It’s hard to find snacks that are low in smart points. 6 low smart points snacksAs a busy mom, I’m always on the hunt for more low smartpoint ready to eat snacks and foods. After all, holding down three jobs and running the kids back and forth to their gazillion activities takes a toll on this gal’s body and energy level. If I’m going to be successful on the new Weight Watchers SmartPoints™ plan, I’d better plan ahead and have things ready to grab when the snack monster in me comes out. If you’re like me, you need convenience then here are some low smartpoints finds that I’ve been testing out this week.

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Werther’s Original = 1-2 Smart Pointswertheroriginalssugarfree

I love Werther’s Originals, so when I found these sugar free ones at my local Dollar Tree, I had to give them a try. I didn’t notice much difference in taste between the sugar free ones and the original versions at first. Then, I ate too many and ended up in the bathroom 🙁  So, if you’re going to have these stick to just a few. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with the results. The chewy caramels are 4 smart points for 6 pieces, but you might want to stick with just 2 pieces for 3 smart points. The mini hard candies are 1 smart points for 5 pieces. I throw these in my purse for when I’m out and about and need a sweet treat.

Mama Chia Granola (Vanilla flavor) = 4 Smart Points for 1/2 cup

Mama Chia Granola makes a great ready to eat smart point snack. I personally like to add it to yogurt and fruit for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack. You can also pour almond milk in it for a very tasty breakfast, but of course…I love my protein drink. So this bag of granola will have to be tossed into my desk at work for my afternoon snack fix.

 Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers = 4 Smart Points for 16 cookies

I’m a sucker when it comes to cookies. Frosted animal cookies are my favorite, but their smart points values are way too high. I prefer to have 8 unfrosted Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers  for 2 smart points. Mixed in with bananas and a little sugar free vanilla pudding, and you’ve got yourself low smart points bananna pudding! So yummy!


Weight Watchers Chocolate Snack Bars = 2-4 Smart Points Each

Right now you can get a discount on Weight Watchers snack bars. Use code CHOCOLOVE to get select chocolate products 2 for $12. This is probably a Valendtine’s Day promotion. If you get to $75, then shipping is free. Obviously, you’ll want to purchase the $7.95 items because that’s where the savings come in. You’ll save $1.95 off each box. I don’t think you can combine the Ebates discount on this deal. I’m going to grab a few boxes because they don’t go on sale often.

Weight Watchers Chips = 2 Smart Points

I’ll admit, I’m addicted to crunchy chips and snacks. Weight Watchers makes is super easy to stay on plan with their ready to go snack packs. They’re not cheap! But, if you’re looking for quick easy to grab snacks, then you can’t go wrong. I’ve loved every snack I’ve tried from their line.

Weight Watchers Cafe Creations = 0 Smart Points

A lot of my friends rave about the Weight Watchers Cafe Creations. I wonder if you deprive yourself…if everything low smart points starts to taste fantastic? These are pretty decent for zero smart points. You can add it to your coffee, almond milk or yogurt for variety.

What are your favorite low smart point snacks? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “6 Snacks that are Low in Weight Watchers Smart Points

  1. When I first started going to WW meetings one of the best things that someone shared was Artic Zero. In my grocery store it’s in the organization aisle in those frozen foods case, in Walmart it’s in the regular ice cream section. You can eat an entire pint for 4 points! You have to be careful thought because a couple of their flavor so like snickerdoodle and double chocolate brownie are 10-12 points. I stick to the salted caramel, the vanilla maple and the chocolate with a cut up banana (I put that one in a bowl). It’s really good and definitely fills my craving for ice cream.

    I was loving buttered popcorn rice cakes and chocolate rice cakes but I started just eating them without thinking anspd would blow through 8 points a day just in rice cakes (and they aren’t filling). I gave those up, which is why I’m here…getting more snack ideas. Thanks for your lists, I’ll share your site at the next meeting.

    • Thank you Judy! I picked up the Artic Zero at my Sprouts and you’re right…it’s a great substitute! I like the chocolate one and the Cookie dough one. I’ll have to try the salted caramel next. Thank you for the tip! I’m like you, I was buying the rice cakes too and eating them like chips. Then my son took them and ate the whole bag. I supposed I’m glad he did – ha! Thank you for sharing my site. I hope it helps 🙂 I just posted my Walmart finds for this week. I love that sugar free creamer.