Weight Watchers vs Whole 30

Weight Watchers vs Whole 30 – which one is better for you? That depends. There are pros and cons to each program. The benefit to Weight Watchers is that you have so much freedom in food choice. The benefit that Whole 30 has is that you understand more about your body with respect to the food you can and cannot eat, which sets you up for the most success long-term. The question is, are you ready to do 30 days?

Whole 30

Weight Watchers vs Whole 30The Whole 30 program created by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig is not designed to be a weight-loss program. Here’s a our affiliate link to the book. It’s not your typical diet, and you’re not tracking calories. You’re not even supposed to step on the scale during the program.

It’s basically a 30-day elimination diet designed to discover certain foods in your diet that impact your body in a negative way. These can include anything from alcohol, sugar, dairy, MSG, and the list goes on. It’s not about what you can you cannot eat, but rather it eliminates all food that may contribute to your health in an effort to identify the food that works best with your body.

For example, you may find that dairy makes you tired or gives you acne. You may find that gluten hurts your stomach or that certain proteins make you sick. It’s about paying attention to the foods that are in your body, and how your body responds so that you can decide what works best for you.

For 30 days you cannot eat any sugar, natural or artificial sweeteners, alcohol, greens, beans, soy, dairy, processed additives such as MSG, or any processed foods for that matter. The goal is to create a healthier relationship with food, and you only have to try it for 30 days.

Whole 30 Benefits

There are many benefits to the Whole 30 program. Often times people:

  • lose weight
  • see health conditions that either improve or go away
  • notice that their digestive system works better
  • see their skin clear up
  • have more energy
  • sleep better

The reason why this happens is because throughout the process you find out which food make your body feel bad and respond negatively.

Weight Watchers

Here’s the thing, if you were due to do the same exact thing using Weight Watchers plan, you would find out that you would be eating a lot less smart points and losing the heck of a lot more weight.

On the Whole 30 program, you’re eating meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, and some fat. Most of these items are low smart points on the Weight Watchers plan anyways.

Weight Watchers vs Whole 30

It’s really difficult to compare the whole 30 to Weight Watchers because the Whole 30 isn’t designed to be a weight loss program, although many people have lost a lot of weight on it. Chances are if you start with the Whole 30 program, you’ll find that the new Weight Watchers program is easier to follow.

Both programs help you lose weight. But the Whole30 program is a little more intense in the first 30 days than the Weight Watchers program. The Weight Watchers programs gives you more freedom to choose what you will and won’t eat, and pretty much all foods are allowed. So when it comes to Weight Watchers vs Whole 30, the choice is entirely up to you.

Increasing Activity Points on Weight Watchers

When it comes to increasing activity points, you may feel that motivation and increasing activity pointsexcitement will get you where you want to go. But after the first week, maybe not so much. Here are five tips to keep you motivated and increasing activity points in no time.

1. Connect With Your Why

The first step in any diet and exercise regimen is to understand your “why.” Why do you deserve to make time for exercise? I say “deserve” because exercise is a gift. A gift to your health, body, mind, and spirit. Be sincere with yourself and address those deep needs and desires.

2. Start with Ten Minutes
Find one activity that you enjoy and devote ten minutes of your day to it. That’s it, just ten minutes. Since the hardest component of working out is getting to the gym or taking the first step out the door, this one small task will have a ripple effect. As soon as you’re ten minutes into the workout, you probably will not mind the next ten or twenty or fifty minutes.

3. Dial a Friend

People who have exercise pals have the tendency to not only exercise more routinely, but they also have more fun doing it. Go for a walk with your best friend and catch up on the day. I love working out with my husband. He’s a trooper! He’ll often go to Yoga or Body Works class with me.

4. Immediately Reward Yourself
I reward myself with a trip to the sauna right after a workout. It’s hot in there and sweat flows (gross right?) from all my pores. I just sit for 10 minutes and catch up on Facebook or meditate. It’s so relaxing and a great reward after I workout.

5. Be Prepared

So much of being healthy and fit is just being prepared. Are you putting out your workout clothes and shoes so you can grab and go? Believe me; it’s hard to walk past your workout clothes without feeling bad about skipping the gym.

Some people use devices like a Fit Bit or Apple Watch. These tools can help motivate you to move a little more and stretch yourself further than before. Just like anything, in the right healthy atmosphere, with the right strategies and tools, you’re more likely to see the success you want!

All of us have healthy and also not-so-healthy days. The key is to keep working at increasing your activity points. Not only do they offset bad smart point days, but they can also mean faster weight loss and a sleeker physique.

Weight Watchers Etools Signup – Easy Steps to Getting Started

Weight Watchers etools signup is easy, but first, you should know what you’re getting. Weight Watchers’ eTools is an online service for members that includes access to support materials and tracking tools.Weight Watchers Etools Signup-fb

Weight Watchers claims that members who use Web-based eTools and attend meetings lose more than those who only attend meetings. The eTools function is the same thing as the online version. The difference is that eTools is the version you get if you attend meetings too.

Weight Watchers Etools Signup

Weight Watchers eTools subscribers can go online to www.WeightWatchers.com. Then click “Weight Watchers Meetings” then “Weight Watchers eTools.” You’ll need a valid eTools code to gain access. Follow the rest of the sign-up process to reactivate your account.

If you attend meetings, you can obtain an access code at your meeting. You can also fax or mail Weight Watchers a signed and dated photocopy of your participant book (DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL). They will send your access code to the e-mail address you give when they have confirmed your subscription.

Is Weight Watchers eTools worth the cost?

The answer is that it depends. If you like going to the meetings and track your SmartPoints manually, then you don’t need eTools. You would only need the eTools program for recipes then. Plus there are plenty of apps that cost about $5 instead of paying the monthly fee for the tracking functionality.

However, if you’d like the recipes, weight watchers community, and access to the special webinars from Oprah, then it may be worth the investment. The goal is to lose weight and if a few dollars more a month helps you do that. Then it’s worth it.

Whatever you decide, Weight Watcher’s eTools sign up is super easy. You just need a code that you can pick up at your next meeting. I personally prefer Weight Watchers online. If you’d like to read my comprehensive review, click here.